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Why The Best Time To Update Your Decor Is During A Move

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When you are getting ready to move, it can be tempting to simply pack everything up and move it. After all, downsizing and getting rid of things can sometimes seem even more time consuming than just packing things up. Moving, however, presents an opportunity for a fresh start in so many ways, including home decor. Here are 5 reasons why the best time to update your home decor is during a move.

1. Saves you money

Every item that you move costs you something in both time and money. The more you take with you the longer it takes to pack and unpack and the more trips you need to make or the larger of a truck you need to rent. In fact, if you downsize, you may be more able to hire movers to do everything for you for less than it would cost to keep everything and move it yourself. You can save time and money by downsizing before you move and buying new things once you arrive in your new home.

2. Your old decor will often not match your new home

Chances are, much of what you bought for your old home, you bought specifically for that home. The drapes that fit perfectly over the large picture window in your old home look out of place with the French windows in your new one. The large, ornate mirror that looked perfect on the wall behind your sofa in your old home doesn’t have a place to hang behind your floating sofa in your giant new living room. Now is the perfect time to update your looks to match your new abode.

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3. Your tastes and styles change

When you bought your old home, you may have been obsessed with the French country look. After several years of living with your perfect country French decor, however, you may be ready for an entirely new look. Not only do your individual tastes change over time, but trends and styles change as well. Moving provides you a great opportunity to start from scratch and give your home a fresh new look.

4. You create more space by only replacing what you need

Many homeowners have their homes staged for a sale. In fact, in many cases their home looks so great once it’s staged that they often consider not moving at all. Many times, real estate agents don’t even bring in new furniture, they simply clear out all the clutter. By getting rid of all of your old decor and starting fresh, you can replace only what you really need.

5. Saves on storage space and expenses

The truth is, once you arrive in your new home, you’re quickly going to figure out that much of your old stuff just doesn’t work in your new home. That means all of your old stuff is most likely to end up in a storage unit that costs you money each month or taking up valuable storage space in your home. Better to simply get rid of it before you move, so you can focus all your efforts on decorating your new space, not on getting rid of all your old stuff you just spent a fortune to move.