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Why Store-Bought Pest Control Solutions Are Ineffective

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Why Store-Bought Pest Control Solutions Are Ineffective

If you’ve found rodent droppings in your living space, this discovery may suggest an infestation and should be investigated immediately. Once you are sure that there is, in fact, a rodent problem, a professional ought to be hired as soon as possible to exterminate these unwanted dwellers. However, even if you are unsure, it is wise to seek the guidance of a pest solution expert, as they can help you to determine the extent of the problem, if there is one, as well as prevent the possibility of any future mishaps with mice. Indeed, their techniques are effective compared to the DIY over-the-counter chemical solutions available to homeowners, which can be quite risky; the following will demonstrate why the safest and most economical choice is to call in pest control specialists.

1. Rodents Are Destructive

Mice are experts at entering private homes through overhanging tree limbs that allow for easy access to your roof and attic. Once inside a cozy shelter, these costly critters remove home insulation and reconstruct new nesting areas. While heating and cooling bills rise, the uninvited pests are reproducing at an alarming rate. Holes chewed into walls provide secret navigational pathways to every room in your home. Their incessant gnawing activities can easily cause electrical wiring damage which generates possible fire hazards. Given their propensity for destruction, coupled with rampant reproduction, traditional snapping traps are wholly ineffective in that they can only eliminate one mouse at a time, rather than addressing the issue of nesting – inasmuch as the danger can quickly escalate into structurally-compromising damage it is necessary to seek professional help for removing mice and their makeshift nests.

2. Mice Contribute to Air Pollution

Since mice have no control over their bowel processes, this means they dribble feces and urine wherever they forage. In time, the droppings decompose and become airborne dust particles where they are inhaled into the respiratory system; consequently, allergy and asthma concerns in your family now become intensified. Attempting to solve the problem yourself with an array of hardware store pesticides may be unsafe and force you to delve into unsanitary space that have been compromised by mice, all the while doing so without the proper equipment necessary for the safety of your lungs. It is therefore time to hire a professional pest removal service before the problem escalates into costly and time-consuming appointments with respiratory specialists and lost work days.

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3. There Are Many Common Pests That Can Infiltrate Your Home

Unfortunately, mice aren’t the only pests that come to visit and refuse to leave. Cockroaches are prevalent in Toronto, and bed bugs can exist and wreak havoc in the cleanest homes. Library books may provide their transportation, as well as larger porous objects, such as new and used furniture. Their miniscule eggs are unnoticed until an infestation is underway. Carpenter ants, wasps, hornets and spiders make their homes in this region. Your home doesn’t have to become their haven and it is best to oust them using the services of a reputable pest control company, and restore your home to a happy place.

Licensed technicians are not only fast and dependable, but wholly effective in their work – under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment – which will help return your home to a clean, pest-free space without the application of toxic chemicals. Family-friendly companies focus on pest removal tactics that are completely safe for children, older clients and pets. Premier pest control companies offer customer service with a warranty that includes no charge follow-ups, along with safe and eco-friendly alternatives to a pest-free home which are, unfortunately, quite costly compared to the dangerous tools offered over-the-counter at big box hardware stores. Indeed, it may be best to simply avoid a DIY attitude when it comes to seeking out a pest-free home.