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What’s Hot in Backyard Design?

Having a backyard which merely serves as an outdoor storage space for the things you’re reluctant to get rid of is one of the worst ideas some people have. The potential of this part of your home is huge, even if we talk about a tiny backyard, which is why it would be a great shame to leave it unused.

Some interventions will bring an instant improvement, such as enhancing lighting with the help of outdoor lamps. While others, such as planting a tree, will require more time. Still, if you know what you want and plan carefully, your efforts will be rewarded. So, let’s take a look at the current trends in backyard design.

Think local

It’s vital that you choose endemic plants when you consider additions to your backyard, since they will require the least care and are not likely to cause any major problems. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t factor in climate change, but don’t expect your lemon tree to grow if you live in a cold and wet area, for example.

Also, having locally sourced materials and craftsmen will probably lower the cost and will provide support to the local economy, which is an important element, especially if you take into account that the less transport is involved, the less polluted the environment is. Basically, you first need to look around and see what of the existing potential you can use before you start looking elsewhere.

Natural materials

These have again become the focal point of various solutions provided by designers and garden/backyard design is no exception. The natural, old-fashioned backyards are now fashionable again, featuring small outdoor furniture items and free-form decks, since most people are going for a DIY and organic look.

Needless to say, stone and wood are more popular than concrete, since they provide a more natural look and are much more tactile. Generally speaking, the trend is to include as much nature as possible in every type of design and your backyard is a perfect place to follow this hot trend.

Rethink your lawn

One of the first things people think of when a backyard is mentioned is definitely the lawn. However, the problems with climate change and extended spells of drought now make the task of maintaining your lawn more difficult. There’s also concern about the environmental impact of fertilizing and pest-control treatments.

The solutions could be grass mixes that don’t need to be mowed or even faux grass, which is becoming increasingly popular, despite the split opinion on its impact on the environment. Still, it’s a great solution for play areas and you can install quality commercial shade sails without worrying that your grass will suffer.

Make space for fun

Depending on the size of your backyard, you might want to consider allocating a part of it to creating a space that will be used for some kind of imaginative play for kids and even adults. We are no longer talking about tree houses, but a free-form digging area featuring plants, rocks and landscape ties.

If you manage to incorporate such space successfully in your design, your kids will be treated with a special nook where they can get creative and explore. The best part is that they will be spending time outside and under your supervision at all times.

Tech support

Although you may not think about technology when you plan your backyard design, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be included. On the contrary, with the mentioned problems with drought, you really have to manage your irrigation system much more carefully and that is where modern technology comes in handy.

Installing controllers that can be programmed and monitored from the phone means that you can be thousands of miles away from your home, yet regulate your irrigation system perfectly. Some more advanced solutions even offer an option to send a text alert if there’s a leak in the system, so that you can have it fixed. The fact that you can use just the right amount of water means you won’t be wasting any more of this precious natural resource.

It goes without saying that improving the conditions in your backyard improves both the quality of living for the whole family and the price of your home, should you decide to put it up for sale. That’s why a smart investment in its renovation and redecoration is more than a sensible idea.