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What to Look For When Buying New Furniture

Even though this is a consumerist society we are living in and we are encouraged to shop till we drop, some things will never change. Having finally redecorated your flat, you’re looking forward to investing in some good quality furniture that will last for years to come, instead of replacing it after 12 months. The trends are changing, that’s true enough, but when it comes to our sofa bed, or our kitchen, we really aren’t that keen on introducing big novelties. A couple of modern new cushions will suffice.

Since it’s essential to furnish our lovely home with quality, durable and appealing furniture, let’s take a look which things you should bear in mind before sealing the deal and waiting for the delivery (they never get home on time, do they).

A comfortable sofa bed

A sofa bed has a double function: it’s there to seat you comfortably while watching TV but it should also transform into a bed for your guests. Naturally, the first thing which you’re concerned about is its size and how it will fit into your living room. Feel free to take all the measurements and copy them onto the floor to see how much space exactly it will take up.

After thoroughly studying a sofa bed guide, some of the practical tips would be to decide whether you want a stain-resistant finish, or perhaps a textured fabric (recommended for longer use). The mattress is just as important, and there is a wide choice of those. The safest choice would be one made of a combination memory foam (or latex) and innerspring.

Gray Sofa Bed

A big bed

Not too big, of course. Perhaps the first thing to decide here, apart from the size, would be its style. After all, a bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom and the whole room will reflect its style. There’s everything on offer – from simple uncluttered beds to those with carved frames. It’s important to study all the recommendations regarding the mattress, but eventually it comes down to that feeling in your back. You either feel ready to drift off, or you don’t. Also, make sure to choose it with your significant other.

White Bed With Pillows

Dining chairs

It’s difficult not to get carried away when choosing the perfect dining table and matching chairs. However, no matter how cute an arrangement may look, it’s no use unless the chairs are comfortable enough for you and your family members. Even though you don’t organize dinner parties all the time and you normally spend 10 minutes sitting and eating, that doesn’t mean you should go for the chair which has a really bad arch for your back. Or a man of average height will seem like a giant sitting on it.

Wood Dining Table


There’s no way around it. When buying leather furniture, you must always ask for top grain if you wish for it to be durable. Top grain means top notch, and with this kind of material, that’s the only acceptable option. Should you hear that the piece you are thinking of buying is a leather-match or described as leather-like, just forget about that purchase and keep looking.

Gray Leather Sofa

Drawers and cabinets

If you really wish to get to know a cabinet or a chest, make sure you inspect its drawers. If they are tilted, that’s a sure sign of low quality. Also, if the inside of it feels rough, that’s another warning sign. Good quality furniture will match its appearance. Binders are another distinctive quality – cheaper versions are made with rollers.

White Drawers And Cabinets


While it’s true that almost every piece of furniture comes with a warranty, the real question you should be asking prior to purchase is: “Whose warranty is it? The manufacturer’s, or the retailer’s?” This makes a huge difference. Usually, it’s the retailer who is held responsible for any of the mishaps, so you should have their life warranty.


Finally, here’s what perhaps should have been at the very top of our list – great offers. Finding the perfect pieces for your newly redecorated home is definitely thrilling, and it comes at a price, too. Therefore, take a step back and think if you’re only a fortnight away from the sales season. In addition, most shops offer incentives for cash, or they prefer certain credit cards. Keep track of the leaflets and advertisements – perhaps this week that lovely armchair is on sale.

Finally, when going furniture shopping, be careful who you take with you. The best results are usually accomplished in a pair, or even alone. Too many personal opinions can only create unnecessary frustration.