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What to Do To Avoid Drain Repairs

Having a drain repair is a nightmare for most of the homeowners. This is mostly because we can never seem to find the source of the problem straight away. Hence, this delays the procedure for cleaning the drain out. This, in turn, leads to hygiene problems as well as a constant bad smell prevail in the house, which calls for the uncalled drain repairs.

Despite the fact, many plumbers remind the homeowners a number of times to not to dump waste through the drains, people often tend to fail to implement it. As many items could cause potential damage to our pipelines. Hence, we should be sure not to mess with it. Therefore, here is a detailed list of things for you to remember that you should not dump down your drain in order to avoid the uncalled for drain repairs and potential damage to your pipelines.

#1. Grease

We often feel that what possible harm could a little of bit grease cause to our pipelines. Well, they cause a lot of harm and are mostly the main reasons for blocked drains in various households. Grease is nothing but a fat. Hence, when we pour it down the drain, it sticks to sides and over a period time, it forms a thick layer, which eventually becomes the major cause of the drain repairs. Therefore, we should avoid pouring down grease from our kitchen drains at any cost.

#2. Pet Litter

It seems that since our feces are flushable, our pet feces will also be so. This is not entirely true. Pet feces are a bit different in nature from that of normal human feces. Their feces contain high toxic waste, which could contaminate the marine species. They pose a threat to the drain, as they do not break down easily by the water treatment. Hence, in turn, it leads to the causes of drain repairs. Therefore, dispose of your pet litter in the garbage and not down the drain.

#3. Pasta and Rice

We should never throw rice or pasta down the drain. These foods are expanding, as they keep on soaking in more water. Hence, throwing them down the drain would cause them more exposure to the water and they tend to expand further blocking the drains. After expanding, they stay inside the drain in the same form and do not disintegrate or dissolve. This, therefore, leads to blockage, which calls for drain repairs. Hence, we should avoid throwing any expandable foods or anything down the drain.

#4. Coffee Grounds and Eggshells

As we know, these both are forms of solid waste. We should under no circumstance dump this waste down the drains. It may seem that the coffee grounds may pass through the drains easily, but this is not true. These coffees seem to get attached or stuck to the already layering grease. Hence, further create more blockages in the drains. The eggshells, as we know are a rich source of calcium. It may happen sometimes that some small pieces of shells creep into the drain. These small pieces cause huge problems for us enabling us to change the pipelines. This happens because the eggshells stick to the walls of the pipelines due to the already lying grease and fat. Hence, an extra layer of calcium buildup, which would make it even more difficult for the drain to stay clear. Therefore, avoid dumping both these items into the drain in order to have a serious case of drain repairs.

Do not dump or throw down the drain to avoid problems causing drain repairs.