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What Makes a Great Home Office

Working from home has a lot of upsides. You never have to sit in traffic, you can determine your own hours, and you have all the privacy you need. The problem with working from home is you may find it difficult to shut down your working mindset when it is time to pay attention to your household. You are still in the same space, after all.

This problem can be solved with a home office, a specific place in your house that is separated from the rest of your house and that is specifically designated for you to work. If you are thinking of renovating your home office, keep reading to learn what makes a great home office and home remodeling & renovation guide.

Functionality comes first

There are many awesome ideas online, but many times the beautifully laid-out office with soft color schemes and Zen garden on the desk isn’t the best working space. It is important to take the amount of time you spent in your home office into account. Also, be practical. You can’t stow away the stapler you use every two minutes just for the sake of having the work environment you saw on Instagram.

Natural light and open windows

To keep you fresh during your work day, plan your office layout in a way that allows for natural light and airflow. Natural light gives a huge boost to your overall mood. During the spring you may notice how motivated you are to get outside and be active. Well, the same applies to natural light in your office.  If you don’t have a window that overlooks your garden, add a plant or two. One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to sit in space that has the similar detrimental characteristics of an office cubicle.

Storing your papers

If your home office is like most others, you probably have tons of papers everywhere. Conventional filing cabinets, though practical, doesn’t look inviting. By thinking creatively, you may have storage space that is functional as well as attractive. Bookshelves with vertical separations or built-in cupboards can work just fine. The fact that you can see the papers doesn’t matter if they are stored in an organized fashion.

Retailers have realized that people want their office to have as much personality as they do with their home. Most office supply stores will have a good selection of office decor. You will easily be able to find matching paper storage, pen storage, folders, and even a matching stapler. The will have bold patterns and modern colors. Say goodbye to boring black or silver.

Add a couch

If you have space, add a couch as well a kettle, coffee, and tea. Sometimes you have to take a break from work, see a client, or spend time reading an article on something work-related. Having a comfortable space in your office can add some relaxation to your workday.

If a couch is too large, try a chair with an ottoman or a foot stool. Nothing is better than reading or even working, with your feet kicked up. It’s ok to relax while still being productive.

Your chair

Choose a desk chair that is perfect for you. You will spend about a third of your entire day in that chair.  If you spend hours on end sitting in a chair that is uncomfortable, it can cause lower back and neck pain. It can also have an adverse effect on your productivity and can even ruin your mood. When you go out to buy a chair, make sure you get one with adjustable lumbar support. If you don’t have a carpet, get a chair with wheels. If you have carpet be sure to lay a chair mat down so that you can easily roll your chair around.  This reduces strain when you have to get papers from the printer or answer the phone. Your chair should also have breathable fabric and enough cushion to keep you comfortable.

Your home office is your personal space. When you follow these tips, your office can make you feel good and productive. It is, after all, where you make your living.