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What Factors a Mother Must Consider While Buying a Crib Mattress for Her Little One

There is no substitute for a mom’s love for her baby. A mother gives unconditional and unmatched love to her little one. It is natural for a mom to be concerned about her child’s safety, good health, and well-being. She would like to give the best to all children. Therefore, a mother would always be cautious while buying a mattress for her baby as she wants her baby to feel comfortable and cozy and enjoy a restful sleep on her crib mattress. Generally speaking, it could be pretty boring to choose a crib mattress, but buying a crib mattress for your precious little one demands careful consideration. You must purchase the best possible crib mattress for your little darling.

Why Opt for the Best?

Mothers simply cannot settle for anything less than the best for her kids. In the case of a mattress, she knows that her child would be spending a tremendous amount of time on this mattress, roughly 18 hours every day. You must choose the right size and opt for a slightly firm mattress instead of a soft one that may increase the risk of suffocation or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Here are certain important factors that mothers should keep in mind while going crib mattress shopping for her dearest one.

Examine the Quality

You must always check out the quality of your kid’s mattress. Avoid the cheapest kinds that could easily tear because of thin vinyl coverings. Buy a high-quality innerspring crib mattress that boasts relatively thicker covering that is made of fine organic cotton, is puncture-resistant, and has fortified triple or double laminates. A good foam mattress would be weighing more because of better-quality and denser foam. Opt for a mattress that is firmer and definitely safer. Be prepared to spend something between $90 to about $200.

Do Not Judge a Mattress Only by Its Cover

The cover of the mattress cannot really guarantee how great it would be from inside. Some crib mattresses actually look amazing and feel really great while you are shopping for it. Once the baby starts using the crib mattress, you may find the mattress is not up to the mark and definitely not fit for constant and rough use. Often the sales staff cannot be relied upon as they do not always give you accurate information. You must do some research online before stepping out to do mattress shopping for your baby. You may examine the reviews and create a shortlist of the preferred mattresses. Then go ahead and compare the top two mattresses before opting for the best one for your kid’s unique requirements. Remember both foam and innerspring crib mattresses are quite good for your baby.

Buy a Mattress with Proper Venting

Mothers need to be extra careful while buying mattresses for their babies. You could choose from innerspring or even foam but make sure that the mattress has proper venting. The mattress must have tiny vent holes present on both its sides. Remember these vent holes could prove to be the actual lifesaver for your child.

Conclusion: Buy the Right Size & Fit

As per the existing safety regulations, no full-sized crib mattresses could be less than 27 1/4th inches by 51 5/8th inches and it must not be over 6 inches thick. You must make sure that the mattress is of a tight fit to the crib. If it is possible for you to insert more than a couple of fingers in the space between the crib and the mattress then, you require a larger mattress for a tighter fit to ensure complete child safety.