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What Are The 9 Things You Need To Think About Before Renovating Your Shower?

Bathroom With Tub

Upgrading any room in your house is exciting, and the bathroom is no exception. Though renovation comes with a budget, the investment is worth it. According to the US News, you get an approximate 62% return when you invest in remodeling your bathroom. If your shower is small and needs to increase its space and improve its appearance, it’s not a must to build another one. You only need to renovate it.

Also, it could be spacious but old fashioned. In such a case, restoring it is ideal for giving it a modern touch. Whichever the reason you may want to renovate your shower, there are factors you need to consider before doing so. Continue reading for insight.

If you add an extra thought and plan appropriately on what you need to accomplish with your shower renovation project, you will end up with a bathroom you dream of after the project. The following overview will enlighten you on what you need to consider before carrying out a shower renovation. You can also view more about bathroom renovations on My Home Zen Spa.

1. Your Bathroom Model

Before renovating your shower, consider your bathroom type. As a result, you will be able to know the kind of upgrades you need to do. Also, your bathroom’s space will direct you on what you should go for and what to avoid. For example, you would renovate a master bedroom differently than a guest bedroom, which doesn’t get used frequently.

Master bedrooms are personal spaces that get used every day. You, therefore, should put more effort when renovating your shower because you use it daily. Consider your bathroom’s design and materials used. Also, if your shower gets used by other people, consider adding some more sinks. But if the renovation involves a kid’s shower, you may need to consider adding more functionalities and concentrating less on expensive styles. Consider adding children’s decorating themes instead. Besides, kids don’t care much about styled floors like the use of granite.

2. Plan on the Space Available

If renovating a shower, the space available is significant. Plan on how to use the space available for both the present and future use. If you love spending time in your shower or bathtub, consider making the environment comfortable and appealing. Think of transforming your bathroom into a personal spa. Based on what you prefer, you will be able to know the kind of materials you need to use to renovate your shower.

3. Determine Your Bathroom’s Layout

Your bathroom’s layout will help you maximize your shower space. If you are not sure of the design of your room, a professional constructor will help you. An expert will also advise on how best to utilize your shower’s space to make your bathroom look larger with more functionalities.

If the toilet is what appears first when you enter into your shower, consider changing its position during the renovation. You may even think of adding a separate room for the toilet but with a door to enhance privacy.

4. Consider the Future

It is essential to recognize that your bathroom’s use may change in the future. You may have more people using it, including the kids. Also, the number of people using your shower now may decrease in the future. An honest answer to this will help you renovate your bath to cater for both the present and future needs. But always remember to upgrade your shower to increase the value of your property and not vice versa.

5. Decide on a Bathtub or Shower

Your bathroom may only have a shower or bathtub. You may decide to incorporate the other to have them both in your bathroom, or only choose one. You could be having a shower and decides to install a bathtub instead, and vice versa. Before making this decision, consider your needs and those of your family members. If you have kids, tubs are preferable. For the sick and invalids, there are unique showers for them. Whatever you decide to put, ensure that it is safe and comfortable for all.

If need be, install both the shower and bathtub while renovating your bathroom.

6. Consider the Overlooked Areas

When you want to restore your shower, take your time to study your bathroom. You wouldn’t want to regret failing to add a feature somewhere you hadn’t noticed before in your bathroom. Check out all areas, and especially those that people tend to overlook.

7. Lighting

Good lighting will make your shower feel open and bright, but poor lighting may leave your bathroom space feeling dreary and dark. Also, showers can be slippery at times due to the nature of their use. If you can’t see well while using it, you may step on wet ground and slip, thereby hurting yourself. You also can stumble on an object and fall. As a result, you could hurt yourself badly. It is, therefore, crucial to consider your bathroom’s lighting when renovating your shower. Consider adding extra windows, recessed lights, and beautiful fixtures.  

8. Storage

When planning renovating your shower, consider your storage space. If your bathroom is small, consider remodeling options that will create more space for storing your things. For example, beneath your sinks. On the walls, you could incorporate a cabinet to store your small bathroom essentials and medicines.

9. Flooring

When renovating your shower, you need to consider whether you should change your current flooring. If your shower floor is always slippery or damaged, you may need to consider replacing it with a better one. Damaged tiles may be a breeding place for germs. Though replacing a bathroom floor is expensive and involves a lot of work, it is worth installing a reliable floor. Besides, the market gets flooded with great shower floors. You only need to choose what you like based on your budget.


As described above, you may need to renovate your shower if you need to update or repair it. But for the renovation to be successful, you need to consider some factors before starting the process. Consider factors like the cost, style, number of users, your budget, and the size. The factors to consider explained above will act as your starting point when you need to renovate your shower.