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Ways of Unblocking Blocked Drains

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One should be aware of the importance of keeping the kitchen and bathroom sink clean and free from dirt and grime. These portions of the house are subjected to maximum usage. As a consequence, drains tend to get dirty very fast. Kitchen sinks are used for washing and scrubbing of plates, utensils, pots and pans, glasses and silverware every day. All family members and visitors use bathroom sink to wash, shave and brush teeth. Therefore, chances of choking are high in these drains, resulting in a blocked drain.

Practically, clearing blocked drains is a hassle-free task if performed methodically. Professional drain cleaning experts are there that can help you out. Apart from that, there is a wide range of products that can help you to execute the job quickly and effortlessly. Let’s know more.

Types of Drain Cleaners

Environment-friendly and safe methods are available which are always preferred. People prefer to clean blocked drains by application of natural ingredients, before using harsher chemicals used by professionals. Different types of drain cleaners include:

1. Domestic drain cleaners

Clean the sink if flooded and dry it. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the blocked drain, and make sure that the powder follows its way down the drain waste pipe. Then, pour about two cups of boiling water in it and let it stay for about half an hour. Then pour one more cup of baking soda in it and immediately add one cup of white vinegar. Plug the drain. You will hear sizzling noise of bubbles coming from the drain. As soon as bubbles disappear, add two more cups of boiling water. This is one of the most effective and tested ways to ensure that your sink remains unblocked.

2. Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are many chemical products that are meant for cleaning blocked drains. These chemicals, when poured directly into the blocked drain, work to dissolve the grease and build-up substances that cause the blockage. They comprise of special ingredients formulated to eliminate the nasty germs that are the root cause of odors from a blocked drain. After the drain cleaner finishes its job, which may need a few minutes, any residual water in the sink should be drained away smoothly, and the stagnant odor will go away in a few hours. Instructions should be followed strictly while using heavy duty cleaning products. This is to be followed not only from health and safety point, but also for the reason that different types of blockages need different chemical formulae. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin, and if you are not sure, it’s advised to take professional help to be safe.

Other methods

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Standing water blockage in a kitchen sink has to be handled in a different manner as compared to a blocked bathtub from which water is still draining slowly. Elimination of bad odors is one issue that also needs to be addressed in blocked drains. In most of the cases, a drain is choked when large items get plugged in the strainer and begin to stick in the drainage pipe. These items subsequently rot, and bacteria grow and breed. It is the root cause of nasty smell. Frequent cleaning of kitchen and bathroom sinks is the safest way to keep drains free of unwanted debris. Regular use of a homemade natural remedy, like the baking soda and vinegar solution, is a good habit to maintain a blockage free drain.


To enjoy unclogged drains and to eliminate bad odors, it is suggested to use a specially formulated sink and pipe unblocking chemicals. Cleaning sinks regularly prevents unwanted debris from building up and avoiding nasty situations. In case the situation turns acute, you can always seek help from professional blocked drains cleaning service providers. They will provide you with the best of service at a cost-effective rate. Moreover, you can expect cleaner, more professional and lasting result once you avail their service.