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Ultimate buyers guide to kitchen worktops

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Ultimate buyers guide to kitchen worktops

When you are trying to select the best kitchen worktop there are so many different elements for you to consider. The first one is budget, and will have a significant influence on the kind of material you select. Practicality is the second consideration. How low maintenance would you like your worktop to be? The third thing is appearance – what texture and colour would you like, in addition to design details like texture and colours that you want, and design details like the most recent thin edged profile and sweeping curves.

You want to ensure that the worktop in your kitchen complements your cabinets or you might prefer a contrasting colour instead. You should try out as many different samples as possible, and you might find something that you didn’t consider previously.

Granite worktops

One of the most popular worktops these days is the granite worktop, since they are both durable and strong. They are an excellent choice for those who love to cook, since its cold surface ideal for pastry making. Every granite slab is unique. Since it is natural stone, you can expect the colour and veining to be different from the samples that you view.


You need to take good care of granite since it can easily stain and scratch especially with knives. However, just be sure to use trivets with any hot pan and a chopping board for prepping. Also, be sure to check that it has been pre-sealed before installing it.

Marble worktops

When it comes to marble worktops, there are four different material choices that are available. They are perfect for adding a natural and beautiful appearance to your kitchen. Marble is a special kind of material and does need to be well cared for. For more information on the best way to look after it, consult with your local marble specialist.

Quartz worktops

There is a range of different edge profiles that quartz worktops are available in. Quartz is a man-made alternative to granite that offers many different benefits, like greater colour consistency. For example, Silestone Quartz comes in more than 60 colours and provides built-in antibacterial protections.


Other advantages offered by quartz is that it is scratch resistant and is also highly stain resistant. Like all other types of worktops, you need to care for it well, and use trivets and chopping boards always.

Corian worktops

Hi-Macs and Corian are solid surface materials that are ideal for creating flowing lines, curves and shapes. Since they are man-made, the patterns and colours are consistent and they have invisible joins, which provides a seamless finish that may be paired with matching integrated sinks for creating the impression of it being one single piece. That makes it very hygienic as well, since there are no joins or gaps for bacteria or dirt to hide in. The most recent flush-fit hobs are the ideal partner for these hassle-free surfaces.

Solid wood worktops

For character and natural warmth, a solid wood worktop is ideal for both contemporary and classic kitchens. For a traditional style, you can turn to beech, maples, and oak. For a more modern feel, go with Iroko, wenge, and Bamboo. Since it is a natural material, every piece varies in tone and grain and with use a wood worktop will develop character and a patina. Wood requires more maintenance compared to other materials since it requires oiling on a regular basis (every three months at least). However, the results are well worth it.

Laminate worktops

Worktops made from laminate are very low maintenance, durable and tough and will last for many years. One of the major advantages of laminate is that it is very inexpensive compared to other types of countertops.

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One drawback is they don’t look as impressive as quartz or granite, but each year laminate worktops continue to become more realistic and quite often it is difficult to tell the difference between them at first glance. If you have a tight budget it is a great choice overall.

Steel worktops

Within the commercial sector steel worktops are very popular since they are durable and super strong. However, you need to be careful about scratches with steel. In the commercial sector that might not be a problem, however for home use could end up becoming a serious issue. Steel can look amazing and you can get very creative with it. However, this choice in worktop isn’t one you should take lightly, since it can also be expensive. We suggest that you do a ton of research and speak with professionals as well as other kitchen owners if possible who have used a steel worktop in their kitchen.

When purchasing your new kitchen worktop also consider installation. This can be a tricky process and best undertaken by a professional contractor or carpenter. If you chose to do it yourself ensure you get the proper tools for the job. I would recommend you get a table saw or miter saw to help with the main bulk of the work.

We hope this article has been a help to you in deciding on what surface to get for your new kitchen worktop!

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