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Top Tricks to Help You Sell Your Home


Here are the best techniques you can use immediately to sell your home

If you plan to list your home soon, you are undoubtedly hoping it sells quickly and that you get your asking price. Take a look at these tricks of the trade to ensure your home doesn’t last on the market for you and that you get top dollar for it too.

Clean the clutter

Every buyer is seeking a home with storage – it’s one thing you can never have enough of. Remove things from your closet and organize the items that are left. Buyers will look everywhere, so keep closets and cabinets neat and tidy. It’s imperative to remove all clutter from your home before you show it. We have some tips for you if you would like to learn more how to clean your home fast.

Make it light

Light up your home –  this is one thing every buyer cites that they prefer in a home. Remove drapes, clean your windows, switch the lampshades, bump up the wattage of your light bulbs and cut the bushes outside to let in more sunshine. Do whatever you want to make your home brighter – cheery homes are more sellable.

Put away the animals

While it may seem that a sweet kitten would warm the hearts of prospective homebuyers, that’s not the case. Some people aren’t pet-lovers and buyers don’t want to see bowls of pet food or a litter box, or have animal fur stuck to their clothing. These things often give the impression that your home isn’t clean. If you have a showing or open house, take your pets with you when you leave.

Take the home out of your home

Another thing to do when selling your house is to de-personalize the space. Buyers have a more difficult time imagining life under a roof when it’s full of personal stuff. Pack up the personal keepsakes and family photos and look online to find ways to stage your home. A properly staged home – one that makes the home feel attractive and opens up space — will best showcase the floor plan and maximize the use of its space.


Make a great impression

It doesn’t matter if your house is spic and span, buyers will check out the exterior before they walk through the front door. You have one shot to give people a great first impression. Make people feel welcome as they approach your house. Inexpensive bushes and colorful flowers will instantly spruce up the exterior of your home. Make sure the siding is clean and contact a Rochester, NY Roofing and Siding Company if you have missing shingles and need roof repair.

Always be prepared

Your house always has to be “show-ready” – there is no telling when your buyer may stroll through the door. Keep things clean so you’re available whenever someone wants to come see your house. Make sure the dishes are washed, keep the dishwasher unloaded, ensure the bathrooms are sparkling clean and put the toys put away. It’s not convenient, but it’s crucial to selling your house.

Show off the kitchen

You are selling your house, yes, but you’re really selling your kitchen. It’s the most important room in the house; the benefits of kitchen remodels are endless, and the good news is that you’ll likely get 85 percent of the money spent back. While it may cost you a couple thousand dollars to replace your countertops, a potential buyer may think your home is worth $10,000 less if the kitchen looks dated. Some easy kitchen updates include replacing the cabinet hardware and painting. Neutral-color paint is a great option – it allows buyers to visualize their own style.

Do what you can to attract positive attention to your home and make it memorable. Don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to enhance your home’s attractiveness so you can avoid slashing the asking price.