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Top 10 Automatic Gate Openers

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If you’re looking for a secure and convenient way to keep your home safe from trespassers, yet accessible to your family, then the solution you’re searching for is an automatic gate opener.

An automatic gate opener is a piece of hardware that you can add onto an existing gate to equip it with an electronic open and close system that functions without human assistance, and is a secure and convenient answer to cold, early mornings or cases of emergency, when it would be inconvenient and time-consuming to manually open and shut your gate.

Because there is such a wide selection of automatic gate openers on the market, we’ve selected and ranked the top 10 automatic gate opener of 2019. To choose the right gate opener for you, check out our reviews below.

1. Mighty Mule FM500https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/fX1GQcssXIolffx1opDoq4CxkPbGjCr03SRL86j7x-f-u9Gy4M85dTDL9DeXt0cMMaiyneb8cdg1AcWFSKOHW479xywELDyFenZDub_Ytg22FVDUD256lxzuJTSZ5uZ1ElzqovEW

The Mighty Mule FM500 is a great option for heavy-duty single swing gates that are 18 feet long and weigh 850 pounds.

The FM500 fits all gate types and comes with a straightforward assembly manual and DVD that provides easy written and video instructions for installation. It can be installed by the homeowner easily with standard tools.

The FM500 is solar-capable, though the solar panel is not included.

2. Mighty Mule EZGO-Solarhttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/5wCn00n6f0Bc9Z60EZuLEDROTwjprafV8PTpoMSdRX62FMPrF-Nc2YcYOEG_GTOWbhK7LoR1zEBYdpzRhl-sFco11prsEjBj3V8vl-8FQbJgXMeLfEkFZsfNf1LbcrnRjiaa4rf2

The Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar gate opener is a battery-powered gate opener designed for swing or single-leaf gates up to 16 feet and 550 pounds.

The EZGO-Solar is aptly named for its solar capabilities, and it comes with a 5-watt solar panel which charges the battery. This model can be installed by the homeowner using the Mighty Mule DIY step-by-step video installation guide.

3. USAutomatic Sentry 300S

The USAutomatic Sentry 300S is a commercial grade automatic gate opener best fitted for large residential, farm, or commercial gates 12-14 feet long.

The Sentry 300S opens quickly for its large size and is powered by a 12-volt DC battery, which is charged with an AC transformer that is included with the opener. This model is solar-capable with the additional purchase of a solar panel.

DIY installation is simple, and most customers report to have completed self-installation within an hour.

4. ALEKO AC1400https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/zl_R9zh52HRcl7tRBqZt81NytHtHWVqzJfyKSdg99JiqiBK81kQdyfELhUcBgM0K17VvhpLUvxoAGsyoMyG_ADLlyWsf_qt9HVhZGklOTNp7zjiuUBXqxFPcSlWCNrD4KaOlWZ5e

The ALEKO AC1400 automatic gate opener is designed for heavy-duty sliding gates over 50 feet long and 1,400 pounds in weight.

ALEKO uses a high-quality anti-corrosive metal coating, and consequently, the AC1400 is known for its durability. Despite its steel parts, the AC1400 is lightweight, allowing for self-installation by the homeowner.

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5. Mighty Mule MM360https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/dtCmnOxZdXOjp_2aqr3krRjMuwPC4hc7D7kYAth3SCWBAcgfEq8dLXl5S_-wJtnwAsEgis5ws3xq-JAt6glB9D2lCh9yA-wF5IJOKATGldtC7Z4AYHfSO6SrYcSnNPazDhAQI--w

The MM360 is another Mighty Mule automatic gate opener, though this one is best suited for medium-duty swing gates around 550 pounds and 16 feet long. Like many Mighty Mule gates, the MM360 can be used with a variety of gate types.

This MM360 includes a larger-capacity battery that provides reserve power, ensuring long-lasting performance, especially in cases of power failures or outages. As with other Mighty Mule gate openers, the MM360 can be installed easily using the self-installation DVD instructions.

The MM360 gate opener can run on solar power, but the solar panel is sold separately.

6. Mighty Mule MM560https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/V5MNbLj1_DPKu7SOAskcRPXsBV1teJpiidp2jXCewJNIXbQ2JuXIydBXV37Tx6wfbaupMsurzwsgMKE1jCMcDZxWZFfgKfsU639RJ2N5XsMRj0Quah-TRf0NkKFOP0gAkTRn5oNm

The Mighty Mule MM560 is a heavy-duty opener, designed for 18-foot gates that weigh 850 pounds.

The MM560 comes with a soft-start/stop feature which extends the life and performance of the gate opener. It also includes an extra large control box that is pre-wired for two batteries.

As with all Mighty Mule gate openers, the MM560 can be installed within a few hours by the homeowner by following the video instructions. It is also solar-capable, though a solar panel is not included with the purchase of this model.

7. Ghost Controls TDS2XPhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/qylXZ4RThaACeLMF30BdY92m9sN7c0KbtUYPfV85k6hP1FJNpmZqO1LMBfYh_tM-Y-as8l0O5mgGJsqOdBr7eIYCOBNnexudmovABK0mhra1TBcBWILJ5Gad5H25SQSNKDArr7Gm

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP is a heavy-duty gate opener with solar capabilities. It is best suited for very large, 20-foot tubular, dual-swing gates.

This solar-capable model includes a solar panel and lockable battery box, and despite its large size, is designed for self-installation with standard tools.

This model also conveniently includes a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and gear.

8. E8 400MMhttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/0pkMbIxLiwdwcp-rtWDigJOUQXkK8xtVS1u__YZRx_zA7C6bJ14dVURvx8miKox-ljvmtLgmyi5mb6IouFPT7iXc1bwxRR5pXSSNovucb0mV9PwKJwXvB6Brt9Y2SItcf-XpKEET

The E8 400MM is a durable stainless steel gate opener made for heavy-duty dual-leaf gates up to 26 feet long and weighing up to 1,200 pounds. Despite its large size, it operates noiselessly.

The E8 400MM includes an AC/DC backup battery system that helps protect against power outages. It also utilizes a screw driven type system, and comes with manual release keys.

Though this model is solar-compatible, it does not come with a solar panel.

9. CO-Z Sliding Gate Openerhttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/ja3lAUl1lVHVD8Vj6j9-At2PYP7Jkrv1f4CPjSi5ISOpUSZqsopD3kEi8V_zrvfE0hRF160eeVXjTQc6jPYCiB5PIcOz3-alB4khkmN4iTDPdPNsiemXE24Xk3FrXu-OjHHcv-Nv

The CO-Z gate opener is a very affordable and durable gate opener designed for heavy-duty applications on gates that are 40 feet and 1,400 pounds.

This CO-Z model is highly customizable, and can be programmed to work with up to 23 additional remote control transmitters. It can also be programmed to close automatically after 12, 24, or 36 seconds after opening, based on the homeowner’s preference.

The downside of this model is that self-installation is complicated.

10. E8 500MM

Finally, the E8 500MM is a stainless steel, heavy-duty model designed for dual-swing gates that are 30 feet and 1,250 pounds.

The 500MM includes a preinstalled AC/DC battery backup system, and is also solar-capable with the additional purchase of a solar panel.


Now that you’re more familiar with the use of automatic gate openers and the variety of models available on the market, you are better prepared to select the best gate opener for you. Simply note the length and weight of your gate, and select the best gate opener for your home’s specific needs!