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Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Split System Air Conditioning

A split system air conditioning has two components, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of the AC is installed just outside the space or room which has to be cooled, and constitutes of condenser coil, the compressor and capillary tubing. The indoor unit, on the other hand, is sleek and constitutes a blower, an air filter and the cooling coil. The split system AC is much easier to install, as no ductwork is involved here. The indoor and the outdoor unit are just joined with the help of tubing and wires. As it is energy efficient, Split AC is much better than the traditional air conditioners. Whether you choose split air conditioner, you need to find out if they can function properly under tough conditions. Your chosen AC must perform in a smart manner.

As we overuse air conditioner during summers, it needs more maintenance. If you want the AC to perform to a desired level, it must be maintained properly. You may take up professional help for AC maintenance. Before the onset of summer, you must use the split air conditioning system which installed in a proper way. This will help to avoid a sudden breakdown. You need to understand the maintenance tips for split system air conditioning to boost its efficiency and performance. Its lifespan will also increase to a great extent while it proves more energy efficient.

Proper Maintenance for Smooth Functioning

You need to take care of it, whether it is an AC or a heater. Only with proper maintenance schedule, the units can perform well. To ensure durability of the AC unit and to boost its performance, you may take the following measures:

  • Among all the components of an AC unit, it is the filter which is most important. If you want the unit to perform well, you should replace the air conditioning filter every month. Using the same filter for a long time can fill the air with pollutants and make it dirty. If the AC is dirty, it will breakdown frequently.
  • Regular cleaning of compressor is must to consider. Compressor is an important component of an AC unit which compresses the low volume gas and low pressure while converting them to high pressure gas needed to run the unit. For cool, refreshing and clean air, you should clean the compressor. An AC lubricant can be used to increase the longevity.
  • To improve the air flow and to boost the efficiency of the AC, it is important to replace the evaporator coil from time to time.

The Need for Cleaning the Ducts

It is again important to remove dirt and dust from ducts that move all throughout the home to cool the spaces. Ducts can attract dust and, so it should be cleaned regularly.

Other Measures to Take:

Regular inspection of the air conditioner is vital. If you find refrigerant leakage, shut the unit and summon a professional. You must never run an AC which is not performing properly. If you think that the unit has become less efficient, you must immediately call a professional. Usage of the unit when it is not functioning properly can raise your energy cost. Look for a reliable contractor only to repair the split system unit. Air filters should be cleaned if there is any problem in the heating or cooling of your split AC.

Air conditioners have evolved a lot. With the advancement of technology, air conditioners today come with powerful and innovative features. Before buying any AC, you must always determine your needs and consider the space where the AC will be used. On the contrary, if you choose a wrong AC for any space, it will cause problems. Thus, the above discussed points will help one to increase the life span of a split AC.