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Selecting the Correct Commercial Air Conditioner System for Your Commercial Properties

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best a/c system for your commercial property

An important aspect of ensuring sustainable and comfortable temperature setting for your commercial enterprise is commercial air conditioning system. Be it a business, trade or even a storage unit, you need optimal level of cooling to ensure that the people working there are able to do so in comfort. This is especially important when you have a restaurant or a more customer-oriented trade like a mall or hotel. Again, even with storage there is no denying that the right amount of cooling is imperative. So, here are some vital aspects to keep in mind when you are investing in these commercial air conditioning systems.


The type of trade

One of the first and the most important criteria is to consider the kind of trade you are in. For instance, someone who is into storage of fresh foods or even similar products would need another level of cooling. It requires a technical assessment to ensure the longevity of the products. On the other hand, someone who has a warehouse might not need very high level of cooling, but something that helps in maintaining a decent temperature throughout the day. No cooling is required at night. Hence, this is an important aspect.

Size of the enterprise

Being a commercial air conditioning means that you have to consider the size of the space strictly.  Moreover, also consider the employee strength. The basic home air conditioner might work in a small 300 square feet space with 4-5 employees. However, what if you have a 1000 square feet place with at least 30 employees. You not only have to consider the proper cooling of the area, but also ensure that it is spread out evenly. Many times, people have very warm and cool zones in the same office. Hence, you need experts to come in and zone out these cooling zones. Else, the temperature may be rather uncomfortable for your employees. In this reference, also consider the window or ventilation options too for periods when you can do without air conditioning.


Next, comes in the aspect of your budget. Like any other commercial air conditioning, you have to weigh the pros and cons of pricing. So, in this aspect, you should always go for energy efficient coolers that may cost you a bit higher initially, but in the long run, they would reduce your electricity bills and cost. This is imperative, considering the fact that such air conditioners do work for longer periods. Also, include the aspect of warranty and servicing into the cost for better maintenance.


Many people are considered about the cost of these commercial air conditioning systems and their longevity, but not the technology. However, this is one of the most critical aspects of these cooling systems. You should seek technologically advanced products that come with automatic settings. Doing so helps in-

  • Reducing cooling or shutting off and on automatically when fewer people are there or as per the settings.
  • Beside this, many of these also filter the air and ensure that the inside of the office or commercial place stays fresh with air conditioning. In particular, this is important for malls and other areas that are often more crowded.
  • In addition, there are many other cooling settings available like balancing the power surge or the main unit not being flawed due to voltage fluctuations.

These little things are critical when it comes to the commercial air conditioning. Keeping these in mind will ensure that you are able to invest in a sensible product and ensure its workability for years to come.