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The Winter Is Coming, Prepare Your House

The Winter Is Coming, Prepare Your House

Winter is slowly knocking on our doors and it’s ready to do no good to our houses. Strong winds, heavy rains and snowstorms can ruin your home and make great damage to your savings account just as well. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to prepare your house on time.

1. Unblock the chimney

Getting your chimney cleaned is obligatory no matter which type of hitting you prefer for keeping your home warm during cold winter days. Actually, it is supposed to get cleaned on regular basis, every autumn before turning on the heating system. Soot and creosote accumulate in the chimney and thus block the flaw of smoke, which can further lead to serious damages and sometimes even fires. Although there is a way to do it yourself, it’s safer to hire a chimney sweeper to get your chimney cleaned properly.

2. Check your heating system

Once your chimney is cleaned, you can start focusing on heating system. Again, better hire a professional who will make sure your system is repaired, if necessary, and ready for use. Most importantly, he will investigate the leakage of carbon-monoxide. It’s a poisonous gas, also known as ‘a silent killer’. Inbreathing carbon-monoxide can lead to major and sometimes even fatal consequences. So, the importance of getting this point checked is obvious.

In case you live in area with mild winter and use air conditioners to warm the house, you need to get the filters either cleaned or repaired. They are home to millions of bacteria which can cause respiratory diseases and cleaning it once in two months is crucial for a healthy environment.

3. Climb the roof

It can be said that winter is the cruelest to the roof since it is constantly exposed to winds and drought in a few months period. You won’ like having to deal with water dropping from the ceiling on cold weather, so better inspect it in details now. Make sure you check that none of the shingles are missing or damaged. If so, hire a constructor to repair it.

When you climb the roof, remember to take a look of the gutters, too. Falling leaves can blockade water flow in the gutters and cause severe damage to fascia, facade or basement. And this tip is advisable to even those living in mild winter countries. In Australia, for example, you can hire Sydney Based Window cleaning company to help you with that.

4. Block the airflow

Cold wind can find its way into the house even through the smallest gap. If you aren’t willing to pay extra money for bills, look closely around your windows and doorways in search for possible leaks. Then you can easily seal them yourself with silicone caulk and prevent cold wind from spoiling your cozy and warm home atmosphere. Another easy and cheap way to keep the cold air out is to make so-called ‘draft snakes’ by using fabric and rice, and to put them on draft problem causing places. However, their power is limited as they isolate neither glass nor frame. On the other hand, installing roller blinds can turn out to be a justified expense. They prevent draft in the winter, and sunlight in the summer.

5. Take care of pipes

During the winter in especially cold areas, frost can make pipes burst. To prevent this from happening, make sure you unhook garden hoses and shut off the water supply to all backyard faucets. Also, isolate all the pipes in the house that don’t get warm enough with a piece of styrofoam board.

6. Cosy and comfortable interior

For both functional and emotional reasons, winter can call for home interior redesign. First of all, adjust the colors to the season. While bright colors helped you feel refreshing during summer, warm dark colors will keep you warm during winter. Instead of walking on cold floors, you should carpet them or at least cover them with thick rugs.

If you followed all these advices on time, you shouldn’t worry about bad weather conditions ruining your home. Get to work now, the winter is coming!