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The Main Benefits of Getting an Automatic Garage Door

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The Main Benefits of Getting an Automatic Garage Door

The right garage door can add a lot of convenience and security to your property. One of the most common distinctions being made is between the manual and the automatic garage doors. Which option is better for you? What does it take to pick the right Garage Door?

A general rule of thumb is that automatic garage doors bring a lot more convenience to the table. If you’re considering the purchase of such an item, you may want to keep the following key benefits in mind.

Practical and Easy to Use

The automatic garage door has an opener that’s controlled via a remote control. You can stay in the car, open the garage door and close it when you’re in or out. There’s no need to get out of the vehicle and complete the process manually.

An automatic garage door is perfect for parents and for busy individuals. There’s no need to leave the kids alone in the car or waste time on manual opening and closing.

The remote is also perfect for getting your car in the garage whenever it’s raining or snowing outside. You can complete the entire process from the automobile’s interior without getting yourself wet or experiencing the freezing cold.

Automatic Garage Doors Enhance Security

The second crucial advantage that comes with automatic garage doors is a high level of security.

Some of the automatic garage doors come with rolling codes. The rolling code is a number that changes every single time the remote control is being used. This means that nobody else but you will have access to the garage.

There are many other innovative features that make automatic doors perfectly safe. Some of the products on the market have a vacation mode. It enables you to set a time period during which the remote controls are blocked and the garage door cannot be opened.

People who tend to be a bit forgetful and the ones that have a lot on their mind can benefit from another cool security feature. These garage doors can be programmed to close automatically after a certain number of seconds. If you’re likely to forget to close the door after leaving, this feature will be the perfect one for you.

Energy-Efficient Operations

While automatic garage doors do need electricity to function properly, their operations are cost and energy-efficient.

The amount of energy required to open and close the garage door is negligible in comparison to many other appliances used throughout the home. The opening and closing cycle continues for a period of 10 to 20 seconds. That’s the only time during which more electricity will be required.

Whenever the garage door is idle (not being opened or closed), it consumes a very small amount of energy. You can consider it to be in a “standby” mode, which means it’s not going to add a lot to your energy bill.


Some people worry that an automatic garage door will be much more expensive than a manual one. This is why they don’t even consider the possibility.

The truth of the matter is that the technology has become quite affordable over the past few years. The fitting of a garage door will cost the same, whether it’s manual or automatic. The motor and the extra features are the ones that will cost a bit on top.

Keep in mind, however, that high-quality automatic garage doors come with a lengthy warranty. It can be anywhere between five, 10 and more years. The opening mechanism can be expected to function reliably for a period of about 15 years. The longevity of the mechanism adds to the cost-efficiency of the purchase.

Automatic garage doors are practical and they bring an excellent return on investment. If you’re looking for convenience, a medley of safety features and ease of operation, the pick will definitely be the right one for your home. For more information, please visit CV Garage Doors Melbourne or visit their Facebook page