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Thailand Real Estate Investment: Top 5 Cities to Invest Now

Property for sale in Thailand could make a good investment for both Thai residents and foreign nationals alike. There are many different cities in which you could choose to buy homes, land or commercial buildings. Let’s take a closer look at where property investment in Thailand makes sense and how you can benefit from doing so.

Bangkok Properties

According to a 2016 survey conducted by MasterCard, Bangkok is the world’s top tourist destination. Therefore, strategies related to long-term real estate investment in Thailand may want to focus on this market. As it is a top destination for tourists, there are many airports, trains and other transportation options in the city. This means that most properties available for sale are a short drive or ride to any attractions in the area. It also means that it is easy to do business, which can make commercial properties attractive to investors.

Chiang Mai Properties

Perhaps the best reason to invest in this market is that condos and homes can be found for affordable prices. However, as the city is growing in both population and popularity, the values of these properties are likely to increase quickly. For investors, it could mean an opportunity to make money both in the short and the long-term.

Phuket Properties

Phuket real estate investment opportunities are attractive because the city has culture, cuisine and amazing views. Although the city itself is located on a small island, it will soon be home to a major international airport, which makes getting to and from the Phuket much easier. Those who are interested in affordable investment properties that are located in an area close to historic sites and attraction will want to focus their money here.

Pattaya Properties

If you are a foreigner, it may be best to invest your money in Pattaya. This is because you can purchase and own a property in your own name, which is not always the case in Thailand. Furthermore, both land and buildings are being sold at a discount compared to their market values to spur investment in the city. Ultimately, an investor can both diversify his or her portfolio while getting a quality property that is still within his or her price range.

Krabi Town Properties

Retirement communities tend to be worth investing in because there are always going to be people who want to spend their elder years in a warm climate. Therefore, you can be sure that there will always be someone looking to rent your home or to rent space in your apartment complex. In some cases, these could be foreigners looking for a lower cost of living who will be glad to pay whatever the going rate is to retire in style.

Investing in Thailand real estate can be an effective use of your money. As most of the country is growing in terms of population and economic strength, now is the time to buy that condo or invest in that apartment building that you have your eye on. You can read this Thailand property investment guide to learn more about foreign property ownership restrictions in Thailand. Prices are still relatively low compared to what an American or anyone else in a developed country might pay for property at home.