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Spanish Home Remodeling – A True Facelift Given To An Outdated Home From 1930s

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Spanish style homes have always been considered a symbol of lavishness and antiquity. However, you need to go for some remodeling after a few decades or so in order to still keep it relevant. Here we have a sample project that focuses on giving a facelift to this Spanish-Style home from 1930s. The complete overhaul results in something really special at the end of the day.

The project was undertaken by Janice who focused on architectural details while keeping the color palette a bit more natural. In the end, she was able to create more relaxed space that was just perfect for some entertainment in the summer.

With summer temperatures growing hotter, there is no surprise that the interior designers have started paying more attention to creating better outdoors. They are also crafting spaces which capitalize more on the al fresco entertainment.

Coming back to this renovation project from Janice, it featured a Beverly Hills home from 1930s that still looked charming but required a thorough facelift to make things look more current and pleasant than ever before. When Janice visited the place for the first time, she came up with this major design challenge: The property’s back exterior was just too sparse and it appeared more of an afterthought of the past homeowner.

With parking spaces available in carport and the driveway, Janice thought of a garage space that could be turned effectively into a cool outdoor loggia right next to the new pool of the client. She added the trellis with in-built seating and custom light fixtures to give a serious uplift to the space. She also reclaimed the roof tiles to add that Spanish charm to back of the house which was already quite evident in the front.

The space was also made to feel calm and comfortable with the addition of a cool color palette that featured crisp white and warm gray Dedon throw pillows and it was accented further with a terra cotta. As a result, she was able to come up with a space that was just perfect for the guests to entertain killing the heat of the summer at nights.

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She incorporated the same, beautiful color palette throughout the home’s interior to make it look more harmonious. If that feels like more intentional, it is actually because Barta was requested by the client to do so. She had to come up with a fresh and cool color scheme emphasizing more on the architecture of the home. Janice also tried to up the ante in breakfast and kitchen areas by completely transforming one of the windows into cool arched French doors which emphasized the natural light coming into the space.

Janice also decided to use gray wallpapers with different patterns right throughout dressing, kitchen and children bedroom spaces. The idea was to make sure that a more cohesive look is achieved all around which also makes these spaces look more modern at the same time as well. She also went for some smart details – such as textured footstool – to add a feminine look to dressing area. Similarly, upholstered headboard was added to the child’s bedroom, bringing more sophistication to the room with Cole and Son wallpaper flocked with the flamingos. It also adds some visual interest to the space as well.

So, what do you think about following the Janice’s footsteps and giving your Spanish-style outdated home a whole new look of style and elegance? You are surely going to make a space that is not only modernized and is effectively crafted to still present a classic vibe. Just make sure you follow the idea precisely.