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Semi-Custom Cabinets and Custom Cabinets – How are They Different?

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A guide to custom and semi-custom cabinets

If kitchen renovation is on your mind, finding a dependable service provider is necessary, though not easy. Rather than spending a huge sum on hiring interior designers who may or may not work as per your kitchen-styling preferences, why not do it yourself with some factory direct furniture or by opting for customized furniture designing. You can also opt for semi-custom furniture and enjoy the saving while getting the necessary changes done to standard stock furniture.

A lot of customers are not even aware that semi-custom cabinets can be a good choice. Let’s look at the difference between semi-custom cabinets and custom cabinets and how they are different.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Factories generally follow a standard measurement for cabinets, be it for height, width or depth. The standard width applied to cabinet manufacturing starts at 9″ with 3″ increments up to 48″, while the standard depth is 12 inches for wall cabinets. 24-inch depth is applicable to oven and utility cabinets manufacturing

There is not much you can do about these standard sized cabinets, except integrating them in your interior design somehow. Although these are cheaper than customized cabinets, some of them lack that styling factor, while some may lack functionality and durability that customized furniture offers. Here comes the use of semi-custom cabinets.

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Semi-custom cabinets have extra detailing options. Although the sizes of the stock cabinets apply, these can still be customized on demand partially. You can decide on the drawer sizes, add a partition to the drawers, get the new finish while letting the design remain the same, reduce the depth, have different knob so just get the door fronts changed. The best part about these cabinets is that you still get a feeling of personalization an affordable price though you do not have a fully customized product. The attraction here is better designing, usability, and price advantage as against custom cabinets.To put in shortly, semi-custom cabinets bring together the best of both the worlds.

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets are entirely crafted on the customer’s demand. The design, the material, the height, width, handles, knobs, the partition, the finish, color etc. – everything is as per the customer’s preference. You can either choose to customize on the basic measurements or ask the craftsmen to do something completely different. Custom Cabinets through machine made  need the skill, knowledge, finesse and experience to offer the best results and keep the customer satisfied

Given the time and the labor that goes into the making of these cabinets, they are considered more expensive and take longer completion time, than standard or semi-custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are either built on site or off site by a skilled carpenter. In fact, they are manufactured on the basis of the order placed (generally) to fit the exact place where they are to be installed.

Author Bio: The Author is a master craftsman for cabinets at Express Kitchens. He specializes in custom cabinets and is known for his detailing and designs. He started his career with stock cabinets 10 years ago and has gone up the hierarchy for his designing skills, craftsmanship, and creativity.