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Save The Drain Pipes of Your Home from Tree Roots

It is the tendency of the tree roots to enter the drain pipes and sewer lines where they can find enough water, nutrients and oxygen. Any leakage or cracks in the opening of pipes allow tree roots to find their way in them. The tree roots in pipes can stop the water flow and cause a lot of other problems to homeowners. Blockage of sewer lines or broken pipes can cause unnecessary health and sanitation issues. Repairing can also be a costly affair and too much of a hassle. By using a few tricks, the homeowners can prevent the roots from entering the drain lines.

Precautionary Measures Taken by Homeowners

While planning a landscape project, it is important to check for pipe leaks underneath. It is also ideal to know where the drains and sewer lines are.

1. When designing a landscape, make sure you plant trees that are away from the drain and sewer lines. Some plants and trees that grow slow and only an inch tall can be planted near the lines to prevent new growth of tree roots in the pipes.

2. Creating some sort of barrier between the roots and the sewer lines can prevent their growth in the drains. Metal or wood barriers that can run parallel to the sewer lines can prevent the roots from entering the pipes. Growth inhibitors can be spread near the sewer lines as well to avoid the growth of tree roots.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance is another precautionary measure that can be taken to prevent roots from entering the pipes. If you find the drains getting clogged regularly, consider getting in touch with an experienced plumber to solve the issue.


Some Methods to Kill And Prevent Roots from Entering Pipes

If the precautionary measures fail to work, then you will find tree roots in the pipes. This can lead to serious issues like blockage; pipe overflow; foul smells; etc. However, here are some ways for you to prevent the tree roots from entering the pipes.

1. Replacing broken pipes and removing the trees growing near the pipe lines are one- way to control the growth of tree roots in the pipes. Lining the pipes with a seamless liner or inflatable liner after trimming off the existing roots can prevent the re-growth of roots in them.

2. Mechanical control is another way to remove the tree roots that have entered the sewer lines. There are specialists for root control who can cut the roots using some root cutting devices such as cutters and augers. The specialists can pull abrasive scrapers and brushes with winches driven by engines into the drain lines to remove the roots. The method not only unblocks the pipes but it also prevents the roots from growing back up again in drain pipes after cutting.

3. Many chemicals are available that can be used to kill the roots that can enter the pipes creating the havoc for the homeowners. Copper sulfate is one such chemical that can be used as a root control remedy. Also, it is possible for homeowners and plumbers to unclog the toilet by pouring the chemical into the toilet. But the chemical does not last long. Rock salt or sodium chloride can also be poured in the toilet to create the same effect.

4. You can use foam made out of metam-sodium and dichlobenil and other chemicals to fill the pipes. The foam kills the tree roots in few hours after sticking to the walls of the pipes. The one advantage it has is that it takes a year for the foam to decompose and wash away from the pipes.

If you carefully analyze the above mentioned points you can take an informed decision in this regard. These tips will help you to save the drain pipes of your home from getting clogged up by tree roots.