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Roof Tiles Ideas for Home Exterior Décor

roofing tile ideas

Roof tiles color if done right matching your house design and your surroundings can create an incredible piece of art. When we discuss this topic, I’d like to first talk about the foundation of choosing roof tiles by knowing:

  • Types of roofing
  • Availability of roof colors and coating
  • Color combination between roof and siding
  • Materials of the roofing


Types of roofing

There are six basic types of roof shapes that are typically used by residents, unless customized or designed by designers.

Flat roof

As the name implies, this is a flat-shaped roof. Usually, they are never completely 180 degrees flat; it should be assembled as slightly tilted to allow shedding of snow and to prevent rain from collected on your roof. No matter the kind of materials you use for your flat roofs, they are all typically easy to maintain and can be DIY.

Shed roof

Like how flat roof design would look like if tilted at a visible angle. Shed roof provides better shedding of anything that may fall unto your roof. Like flat roof, shed roof is easy to maintain and is commonly used for expansion and terrace or patio.

Gable roof

This is a classic roof design in the shape of a triangle where the roof is divided into two sections. Gable roof is typically easy to install and like other pitched roof allows for extra room in the attic for extra storage space and to add dormers in your design.

Hipped roof

Hip roof is an upgrade of gable roof where instead of two sections you have the roof divided into four sections like a pyramid. Although it costs more to install, gable roof has better resistance towards hurricane compared to gable roof.

Mansard roof

Mansard is a commonly compared to flat roof with the difference where mansard is slightly leveled before showing a (not exactly) complete flat surface. This roof design allows the making of dormers and an attic room which allows for an extra space for storage.

Gambrel Roof

Another modification of the gable roof, gambrel roof divides itself into 4 sections that face to only two directions. It is typically seen in large farmhouses and barns. Gambrel roof comes with a long history and like other roofs that allow spaces, this roof gives you extra room to your second floor, the largest compared to the other type of roofs. Dormers can also be used to expand it even more and allow light to shine in.


Dormers make great addition to light source to your attic room and your overall house design.Although they are great designs, dormers make quite additional costs to the bills, so you need to get yourself as much quote as possible before deciding on your contractor.


roofing tiles


Basically, your roof type is like the character of your house. It’s similar to how you decide your hairstyle. And afterwards, shingles are like deciding the colors and whether your hair will have waves or straightened up.


There are many ways to lay shingles and to build flat roofs. Due to the advance in technology and research, today we are provided with unlimited options on what kind of colors and look do we want on the materials that we have decided. Although, its durability and longevity of colors depend heavily on the materials.

Regulations and ordinances

There are many codes you need to consider too, such as the style and colors that are allowed, fire codes classifications and materials of the shingles or roofing. Class A is the strongest fire resistance, B is medium and C is the lowest level.

Check out these 10 tips for more about house fire and safety precautions you can take!


Often, you will start deciding your roof color after your brick and sidings, which is the right way of doing it. You will be confronted with dilemmas but there is a golden saying:

“When in doubt, choose grey.”

I made that up, but the content of the saying is true for any color you use for your siding, except grey siding (because exact same colors make your house look weird and too plain).

  • Dark colored siding, such as red bricks, dark brown or other dark colors should be coped with black to navy colored shingles or roofing.
  • Bright colored siding, such as yellow, cream, white and pale colors can be combined with a wide variety of colors, especially white.
  • Customize the color by using high-quality coating that does not easily peels off. Metal roofing, for example, can be painted with matte gray color to give it asphalt or clay-like look.
  • Bright colored shingles help reflect sun rays and heat, giving the house a cooler temperature; great for locations of high sun exposure!


Bio: Danielle is the editor for RoofingVancouverBC.com. She believes that the outside of a home creates a better place inside as well, especially if you choose the best roof design.