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Remodel Your Home by Choosing the Perfect Curtains

Choosing the perfect curtain for a home has always been the dreaded task for ladies!

They stride roads, visit malls, and do online shopping just to bring that one beautiful yet different piece home. After all, it’s the piece of cloth that would keep neighbors at bay.

Kidding folks!

Curtains are to adorn the windows. Not only do they amplify any place and make your room look catalog worthy, but they also block the light so that you can enjoy your privacy.

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No matter what color, design, or fabric you choose, dressing windows with beautiful and trendy ones will surely grab eyeballs and will add vibrancy to the whole room.

From window dressings to the lowdown to the bed canopies, if you want to create a private heaven in your home, or just want to revamp your old room with a dash of uniqueness, look for the curtains that compliment your room.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the perfect one, have a look at the tips to make your choice narrow. For sure, you’ll find your piece!

Which Fabric or Material Do You Want?

Using curtains for home remodeling has never been easy, you have to be particular about your preferences and color choices to match your style. If you are going to buy the one to dress your windows or doors, first know the kind of kind of fabric you want to see your curtain with.

If you want a subtle amount of light to enter your room, light fabrics will work perfectly. However, if you want to completely block the light and even neighbors, dark and thick fabrics would be the best! Heavy curtains not only bring private space in the room but also elevate the interior of the room.

Choose floral heavy base curtains for your living room to enjoy movies or to have a peaceful sleep, or you can go for the light ones for the dining area.

Where Do You Want To Hang Them?

The place where you want to dress up with beautiful curtains matters! Want a curtain for kid’s room? How about the cartoon ones? Kid’s love when they see their favorite cartoon character displayed. Also, for the kid’s room, it is very important to decide on the fabric. How about the velvet fabric for your monster’s room, or perhaps the faux silk?

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Girls usually love the light and subtle colors, so pick the pink or blue shades for your princess.

If you are looking for the curtains to dress your living area, the floral or the plane will work. You can even mix and match colors or can use prints that are in a rage. Look for heavy prints if your room has a plane or basic furniture. However for bright rooms, with so many accessories and heavy furniture, subtle prints would work perfectly.

Pre-Made or Custom-Made!

  • Pre-designed curtains:

For those who don’t have much time to look for someone to tailor-made their favorite piece of curtain, ready-made will work perfectly! They are easy to buy, convenient to hang plus are affordable. Just pick the one and hand. However, ready-made curtains offer restricted length and styles. Also, sometimes that doesn’t even color coordinate with the room.

  • Custom-made:

If you want to design your room as per your style and taste, custom-made curtains are worth investing in. With them, you’ll get freedom of choosing your fabric, design as well as the quality of the fabric. Although they are bit heavy on the pocket, they would complement your place.

So, now that you know the perfect curtain for your house revamp the eyes of your home and make your windows and doors look stylish and beautiful. Add curtains that suit your style!

But wait…..

What about the Curtain Headings?

Curtain headings are equally important as choosing the right curtain. After all, it will be the head of the clothes and will put a huge impact on the look of your curtain. The curtain headings come in various forms, few being:

  • Contemporary and regular pleats:

These types of tucks are mostly used on the curtains that need to stack on either side of windows. You can use these pleats in kid’s room or in high windows that need half-drop curtains.

  • French or Pinch Pleats:

They give curtain the elegant finish and make them look formal.

  • Pencil pleats:

These pleats are usually narrow and are less structured. Such pleats are mostly used in-house office or in bedrooms.

Pick the one that coordinates with the interiors or goes out of the box by adding contrasting ones!