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Quick Ways to Keep Fleas Away

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Do you feel destined to have a flea problem just because you own a pet? This isn’t an uncommon notion. In fact, nobody welcomes fleas into their home. Ever. Yet they always seem to find their way…especially for pet owners. They take over our furniture, bring risk to everyone in the household, and are nothing but irritating when they’re hopping from place to place and leaving itchy, swollen bites. It’s easy to see that these pests have a pretty negative connotation, but it’s a different story when they mess with our pets or loved ones directly. There are a few effective things you can do to keep insects at bay, however, exterminating fleas on pets and in your home requires patience and multiple attempts with different solutions. Your local vet is the best person to give you specific information about your pets and how to get rid of fleas on them. Nonetheless, here are some of our best tips and treatments for fleas.


Flea shampoo is a fast way to prevent and/or get rid of fleas on your pets. For your pets’ safety, and to achieve flea prevention and elimination, it is advisable to consult your vet before application. Flea shampoos may remove natural oils from your pets’ skin and coat in order for the treatment to work. If you have concerns regarding this, also speak with your vet.

Some flea treatments are waterproof after two days, so treating your pet to a nice bath or swimming is perfectly fine. You can also use a non-insecticide flea shampoo to remove debris, flea dirt, and soothe irritated skin.

In order for a flea bath to be successful, make sure you wait one to three days after the bath to enable complete drying of the coat and time for natural oils to replenish.

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Flea Combs and Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is a quick and easy way to remove fleas and prevent them from spreading rapidly. Flea dirt also helps you to monitor how effective your flea control and extermination attempt is. Flea combs are fine-toothed combs that are designed to eliminate fleas and flea dirt (food for larvae) from your pets. To effectively use the flea comb, dip it in a solution of mild, soapy water. The soapy water will trap fleas as you brush.

Seeing fleas hours or days after treatment does not necessarily mean failure, so don’t lose hope just yet. It takes time to eradicate fleas from your environment entirely, as eggs, pupae, and larvae in the environment may hatch and jump right back in for a blood meal. However, there should be a noticeable difference after treatment.

It is important to note that some animals are more disturbed by fleas, and there are some obvious signs for this. Some pets restlessly chew and scratch excessively, while others do not seem to even notice. Pets that are allergic to flea bites often show signs like red, inflamed skin, and a lot of licking and chewing. So if you have more than one pet, it is necessary to treat all of them, even though it can seem as if only one pet is noticeably affected.

Research Your Products

It’s very important to be aware that some treatments may be very toxic to cats. With this being said, some flea treatments are safer for dogs while others are safer for cats. Flea treatments including shampoos and spray should be used only on the specified species at the correct dose. When it comes to administering treatments, more is not better. It is dangerous to ignore instructions on labels, and the result may be deadly. Research your products, speak with your vet, and make sure you aren’t putting your animal(s) in danger just by trying to help them!

Home Remedy for Fleas

If you do not take care of your environment, you may end up continuously treating your pets due to re-infestation. Adult fleas live mainly on the host, while eggs, larvae, and pupae can survive on pet beddings, furniture and carpet. Yikes!

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

Consistent vacuuming prevents fleas from infesting your home. Vacuum your carpets, rugs, curtains, under and on furniture, etc. daily to ward off fleas and other similar pests from your home. This is effective because it removes all of the different stages of the flea life cycle and flea dirt. Remember to dispose of the vacuum bag contents as soon as you are done vacuuming to avoid re-infestation. Also, wash pet bedding in hot water to reduce your flea population. Constant vacuuming and washing will discourage fleas from disturbing and feasting on your pets.

If All Else Fails…Turn to A Professional

Fleas may seem easily treatable simply because they’re a problem that most pet owners encounter at some point. Although many people deal with fleas, some infestations are worse than others and you can’t always defeat them on your own. That’s where we come in! Lake Norman Pest Control can eliminate fleas in your home and prevent their return in the future. Why should you trust us? Because we’ve been doing this for over 50 years! Not only are we equipped and experienced, but we provide treatment services that are effective, affordable, and safe for pets and children.