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Quick Cleaning Guide When Moving Houses

Moving can be an incredibly stressful and inconvenient experience. In addition to packing and moving all of your furniture and personal belongings, you are often presented with the daunting task of cleaning out your old home and ensuring that your new home is ready for your family to move into. While it may be easier and less stressful to clean before moving in, cleaning while moving out can help you recover any security deposit or avoid getting charged for stains or damage. If you are selling your home, it is important to make it as clean and presentable as possible for future buyers. Here is a quick cleaning guide you should use when you are moving houses to save yourself time and energy.

Moving out:

While moving out of a home, you should ensure that it is as clean and presentable as possible and appears to be move-in ready.

Thoroughly clean the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom is thoroughly clean and there are no hardwater stains and that all mirrors are clean. Bleach or other bathroom cleaners can be used for stubborn stains.

Clean out and thaw the refrigerator and freezer. An easy way to clean out a refrigerator is to remove everything and thaw the refrigerator so that you can easily clean it. You should then clean and disinfect all shelves and drawers.

Make sure floors and carpets are clean. In an empty house, dirty floors and carpets are the first thing someone will see. While moving houses, you should make sure all floors and carpets are vacuumed thoroughly. You should also clean wood and tile appropriately with the proper cleaners. Any stain should be treated and removed.

Clean countertops and walls. You should make sure all countertops are wiped down and that you remove all scuff marks from the wall or baseboards. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is great for removing marks on walls.

Remove all nails and mounting strips from walls. Make sure to properly remove all nails, staples, mounting strips, and hooks before moving out. Old nails and staples can make a place look unfinished.


Moving in:

Cleaning for a move in should be less of an effort than moving out. However, there are several things you should do to make sure your new home is ready to live in.

Ensure there are no major stains or damage to the floors. It is important to make sure there are no stains or damage prior to moving in so that you are not financially responsible for the damage. If you do find stains or damage, make sure to document them.

Lightly wipe down surfaces. You should make sure all surfaces are clean but make sure to wipe and disinfect areas and counters that are used for cooking.

Clean and disinfect bathrooms. Even if bathrooms look clean, you should make sure to disinfect tubs, toilets, and sinks to get rid of potential viruses and bacteria before your family begins using it.  You should also check for any potential leaks on faucets and toilets.

Clean refrigerators and freezers. The refrigerator is also something you should clean before you move in since you are storing fresh food and meat. Freezers should also be thawed and thoroughly cleaned prior to storing any food items in it.


While there are several tips that can help cut your cleaning time in half, this checklist will ensure that your home is properly cleaned when moving. So the next time you are moving either out of a place or into a new house, use this quick checklist for cleaning while moving. While moving out is more of an effort than moving in, this quick checklist can ensure that you leave your house clean and presentable and that your new home is clean and move in ready.


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