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Pink Sushi Delivery

Here’s how to make the best sushi ever

Sushi is such a healthy choice of food if cooked and prepared well. A lot of people think that because of its raw fish, it is not healthy. Which is not true.

IT IS JUST A MYTH. Sushi is healthy because it has fewer fats than red meats and a lot of vitamins in it as well. And on top of that, it is so tasty. Here’s some of the best sushi and what goes in it.

Prawn sushi with rice and fig… yummy

Crab sushi, this one is my favorite with wasabi sauce.  I ought to taste something so good.

Oyster sushi. It is very expensive but well worth the money spent on it. This is a delicacy in Japan.

Salmon and tuna sushi. If prepared well, these 2 fish taste great together with the right sauce. Check out http://hubmalta.com/sushi-delivery/ for more high-quality sushi delivery and recipes.

The average price of Sushi in Malta is €2.00 a piece just so you know. Pricing also depends if you eat in or take out. Take out usually is cheaper. But not always.

Once plated, sushi should be eaten immediately because it is very subjective to bacteria which can hurt your stomach and even cause food poisoning.

Enjoy your sushi breakfast, lunch or dinner!