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Perfect BackyardDecoration For Your New Home

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Outdoor spaces like backyards and terraces are luxuries not everyone has. Despite this, many people will disregard and take them for granted. It’s a bit of a hassle to take good care of them, but it can be managed. Keeping your backyard attractive also requires some additions that can keep it looking fresh. Plants aren’t the only way you can spruce up your garden. If you want to decorate your backyard properly, you have to get creative. Here are some examples of interesting things you can add back there.

1. Create a fire pit

There’s nothing cozier than setting up a fire and roasting marshmallows while you talk with your close ones. Normally you’d experience this type of stuff on a camping trip, but times have changed. You can get that campfire feel in your own backyard! There’s something mesmerizing about having a large flame illuminate things around you. Not to mention that the warmth and coziness are huge pluses as well.

A good base for a do-it-yourself fire pit would be a couple of circular stone walls. Alternatively, you could just throw a bunch of rocks in a circle and set up a fire between them. This wouldn’t look as nice while there is no fire burning, though. Create a custom-made fire pit that is nice to look at even during the day. It can serve as a temporary bench when there’s nothing burning.

2. An umbrella could do the trick

Rain is all-around a great thing when you have a backyard. Other than the soothing noise it makes when it hits the ground, it also helps you clean up dust and debris from the ground. Plants benefit a great deal from rainfall and they will grow larger and prettier after a good splash. It can be a mild annoyance if you’re trying to drink coffee in the garden, or if you work on your laptop outside, though.

It won’t be much of a deterrent, there are ways to stay dry in rainy weather. If you install a nice stainless-steel umbrella in your backyard, not a drop of water will reach you if you don’t want it to. If you prefer not to look at it while the sun is out, marvelous technology allows for retractable versions that will be out of sight the moment you want them to. You can find some well-designed umbrellas in Malibu shade, for example.

3. Go all out on a fountain

Fountains might seem like the type of thing you would normally only see in parks, but that luxury is very much available for your own garden. There’s something about listening to the water bubble and splash that calms the mind. It’s easier than building a home-made koi pond, and it’s cheaper to boot! Throw in a couple of plants in the middle and it’s your own little green resort. If you can get some moss growing on the rocks, it will look even better.

This visual and auditory luxury isn’t that difficult to make, either. You start off with a couple of ceramic or stone bowls, or maybe a specific rock formation you want. You get yourself a pump, connect the rubber hoses in a circle and voila. Plain old municipal water will do the job just fine. You might want to start with some dripping fountains before you go for huge flashy ones.

4. Make sure you have some shade

The sun is a wonderful source of light. When it’s cold outside you can’t wait for summer to come and heat things up a little. The problem is, sometimes the sun really overdoes it. When it’s too hot outside, standing in the sun can be unbearable, and potentially quite dangerous for your health. Too much sun exposure is bad for the skin as well. It’s probably a good idea to cover yourself from the scorching rays.

Due to the heat, clothes are out of the question for this. What you might need is a sunbrella or pergola to protect you from the sun. These structures are great for getting some shade in your garden and they look gorgeous doing it. Making them on your own is definitely possible, but they won’t look as good. If you are looking for a supplier, companies like Malibu Shade might have just what your garden needs.

5. Simplicity is great

Minimalism is all the rage nowadays when designing a home. Backyards are no exceptions. If you browse any furniture selection or garden catalogue, you’ll find enough proof of this. Keep the tiles simple and without patterns, while making interesting lines with them. Plants can be low-key or vibrant, it’s all up to you. The key is to place them symmetrically in your garden.

Keep your furniture simple and minimalistic. Just remember, simple doesn’t mean it can’t be practical. No reason you should avoid fold-up furniture. If it’s also easy to move and store, all the better for you. Keeping a style consistent is also very important. Try to transfer the decorative direction of your home furniture to your backyard. Making them match is a great way to show you have good taste.


In conclusion, it’s relatively easy to set up your little Garden of Eden. There are lots of different amenities you can add, each more interesting than the last. It might be a bit of a hassle, but having that little slice of nature to yourself makes it well worth it.