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3 Natural Ways to Keep Pests and Critters Out of Your House

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3 Natural Ways to Keep Pests and Critters Out of Your House

Perhaps nothing is more unsettling than discovering that an infestation of bugs or critters has infiltrated your home. Even finding a nest full of termites or other destructive critters in your yard is enough to make your skin crawl. In addition to provoking an incessant creepy-crawly feeling, the presence of pests and critters can trigger health problems, such as allergies and asthma, and cause extensive damage to your dwelling.

If you find pests setting up camp in your home or yard, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, just over 33 percent of residences experience problematic rodent infestations each year. When it comes to insects, the infestation numbers are much higher.

Once you discover a developing pest or critter infestation, you must act fast to keep their populations from exploding, which would further complicate their removal process. Luckily, you can take a proactive approach to pest control by utilizing natural methods to eliminate the presence of pests in and around your home. Utilize the three following techniques to quickly rid your home of troublesome insects and other critters.

Eliminate All Access to Food, Water and Garbage

Pests and critters generally make their way inside dwellings in search of food and water. Since bugs and critters are not picky about what they consume, garbage fulfills both of these needs as well. By eliminating access to food, water and garbage, you can easily drive the pests away from your home without much extra effort.

To start, you will need to commit to using food containers and garbage bins that have locking lids with heavy-duty seals. Wipe out your pantry and clean under all appliances to eliminate the tiniest crumbs from accessible spaces. Place your garbage bin under the cabinet space to add an extra layer of security that keeps pests and critters from accessing the items inside.

Eliminating access to water may be a bit trickier because bugs, rodents, and other pests need very little to survive. Searching your home and yard for the smallest of water leaks is a great place to start. Make sure to check under all cabinets and explore the crawlspace to verify that your home does not have any leaks. You will also need to wipe up all standing water, including drips in the sink basin, after using the faucet.

Seal Up Entry Holes in Living Area, Crawlspace and Attic

If pests cannot enter your home freely, they will usually head over to a more accessible space when in search of food, water or shelter from the elements. The tiniest of holes and cracks allow insects free reign of your home. Even full-grown mice only need a hole the size of a dime to squeeze into your residence.

To eliminate pests from reaching the interior of your home, you must search high and low to find holes and crevices the critters can squeeze through. Start in the attic and work toward the crawlspace or basement in your search for access points. Upon finding a hole the size of a pencil or slightly bigger, stuff it with steel wool to close the gap. For larger holes, consider replacing the damaged materials using proven renovation techniques.

Look for cracks as well and fill them with the appropriate repair product, such as concrete patch compounds or caulk. Replace all the caulk around your windows and doors to finish sealing up your home.

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Create Your Own Natural Bug and Critter Repellent Solutions

Despite your best prevention efforts, you may find insects and other critters in and around your home from time to time. Remain prepared with natural repellent solutions to wipe out their populations in an instant.

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth around perimeter of your interior and exterior walls to decimate insects who dare to approach your living space. This natural substance causes the insects to die from dehydration, usually after tracking the powder back to the nest where it can perform its magic on the masses. Mix the diatomaceous earth with lemon and peppermint essential oils to deter rodents as well.

For your outdoor areas, you can create a highly-effective cayenne pepper, garlic and mint spray for total pest elimination. Simply combine even amounts of these three ingredients in a blender and add a drop of dish soap at the end. Strain the solution into a cup of water and boil on the stovetop. Cool and pour into a spray bottle to finish this garden spray. Spray this solution around the garden beds along your foundation to keep pests at bay.

Remember to Reach Out to Pest Control Experts in a Hurry if the Problem Continues

If you prefer to leave the pest and critter control to the experts, partner with our team at Richland Pest and Bee Control. We will assess your pest control needs to create an effective service plan that eliminates unwanted insects and critters fast. Call our team at 800-308-9126 to set up your consultation appointment and start your journey toward a pest-free home and yard.