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Moving To a New House? Here Is the Checklist You Should Follow

Moving can be stressful. But it becomes less daunting when you break everything down in an order until the big day of the move. That’s right. You can make an essentials checklist to make moving houses feel like a piece of cake. And you must remember that the preparation for the move starts weeks before the big day.

1. Research moving companies using referrals from friends and family. Narrow down the one that fits you best by cost comparison and services that are important to

2. Make a list of all your valuables and consider the insurance you might need. Most moving companies already offer this, so decide if you need extra insurance now. It helps if you check your homeowner’s policy as well.

3. Invite your choices to your place so they can give you an accurate estimate. You want no surprises at the end where you find that the cost accumulates beyond your budget because the furniture was heavier than what you expected.

4. Make sure you keep a binder including all the written estimates from the moving companies. Make sure that these companies have replied to you verifying that they are a licensed organization.

5. Send in notices to the establishments for closing down your accounts, including banks and post office. You should also end subscriptions that deliver to your current address. This includes all the online accounts as well that have your current address listed.

6. Research banks, schools, and doctors around the area you are moving to. You should prepare all paperwork beforehand to establish new accounts for yourself. You will be too busy right after the move, so be prepared with the necessary documents.

7. Start packing. Assess your belongings and categorize which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to give away. Start with your closet, once you are done there, move on to the next room and so on.

8. Donate the items you do not need. You can also sell items online and add the money to your moving budget.

9. If you are moving with kids, make sure you communicate with their current school and the school they would move to and get their records transferred.

10. Buy or borrow packaging supplies.

11. Pack items you do not use frequently. For example, seasonal items and fishing gear you store in the basement or the attic.

12. Avoid regular grocery runs. You probably won’t need everything you usually do. Make sure you use up the pantry, cook things and only plan your grocery trips according to what you might immediately need.

13. Devise a plan for moving all your valuable items, you can use a shipping service you can track, or transport them with yourself. Pack these separate from the other boxes so you don’t miss them.

14. Put together a packet for new owners for your current home, this should include existing warranties, a note with your forwarding address and contact information.

15. Make sure you check out all prescriptions and that everyone’s medication is carefully packed, and that the meds are easily accessible during the move.

16. Withdraw cash, which you might need to tip the movers, and to pay for unexpected small expenses. Make sure your checkbook has enough leaves for the necessary payments.

17. When moving appliances make sure you have cleaned them, removed liquids, and unplugged each of them so that they don’t pose a hazard to the movers. Some bigger appliances require professional expertise to remove. That is an extra charge that you must factor in.

18. Send in dates for the utilities to be shut off after you have left your house. Make sure that you take care of the billing aspect as well.

19. Call relevant authorities to ensure that utilities are available on the day that you will move in.

20. Make sure you check in with your moving company a day or two before the move to confirm that things are ready to proceed as planned to avoid last minute surprises.

There you have it. Hope this moving checklist makes your transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible.