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Moving Corporate Offices: Simplify the Process

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Switching to a new office space? Whether this is just down the block or in another part of the town, an office move must be properly planned and managed, or it will lead to confusion, hassles and headaches for you, your employees and your clients.  The entire process is quite lengthy and complicated, involving several things, meaning that you can easily overlook the details.  Here is a quick guide to making your office move an easier and more manageable process.

Plan in advance

Come up with a detailed timeline 3 to 4 months before the move. Needless to say, this should be when business is lower than usual so that productivity is least impacted.

Take help from the pros

You may be moving your business for the first time, but office removalists have done it several times and can do a much better job than you any day. So bring them on board a month or two before you intend to move, and let them take care of the process.   They will take a huge burden off you while guiding you at each and every step.

Before selecting a moving company, be sure to go through the offered services and rates. Accordingly, you can hire the best ones for your need.

Move plants carefully

Don’t move plants on your own, but take help from the pros. Plants have to be packed with great care during a move, something which you may not be able to manage. If you want, you can also leave them behind, and ask a plant rental service to bring a healthy, green and appealing touch to your new office space. Plus, they will take care of the pots, so other than enjoying them, there will be nothing left on your part.

See if you can leave behind a few things

You can make the office move a more manageable process if you can leave behind unwanted things.  Got overfilled cabinets? Go through all of them, and only take paperwork that you do need to the new office.  The same applies to office supply; stop purchasing this sometime before the move is due, but stock enough of them so that they last until the move. Thus, this will be one thing less to pack and take.

moving your corporate office

Update the address on the website, letterheads, and cards

Make sure you put the new address everywhere. Change it on our website and social media pages, it’s also an opportunity to generate new office stationary such as business cards, letterheads etc If clients visit your premises, then put signs around your office, and make the announcement on Facebook, Twitter and the like so that everyone is aware.

Brief your team

Before the move, let your team know what they should expect at the new space.  Make the office move simpler for them.  Communicate details that they should know and help them out on the new premises.

Create backups of all important data

While your computers, drives, and servers are not likely to be affected in any way during the move, you should still backup data just to be on the safe side. It is recommended that you do a backup on a cloud like dropbox. Why? Because removal companies can be rough sometimes and chances are they will hit or drop your hard drive. Data stored in a cloud is always 100% safe