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Decorating your Bedroom? Consider the Big Difference Led Lighting can Make

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Bedroom lighting tips

Your bedroom should be a space that you enjoy to be in. For sleeping, relaxing, working or spending intimate time with a loved one, this room needs to be an area that you want to be in. While an obvious method of improving your bedroom may be to go out and purchase all new furniture and redecorate, not all of us have the time or money to do this.

One of the easiest methods to totally transform your living space is by working with lighting. While lighting requires some consideration of electrical factors, electricians and lighting experts Redline suggest that almost anyone can take on their bedroom lighting tasks.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your bedroom should only have dimmed led bulbs because that’s where you sleep. Bedrooms are no longer a space that only commands rest. These days most of us spend much of our time in the bedroom, working, reading, watching television and talking to our loved ones. Bedrooms should be considered as important as the living room in terms of lighting.

After all, how many of you does it take to change a lightbulb?

What Does your Bedroom Need?

The first factor to consider is what look you are trying to achieve in your bedroom. Every type of lighting has it’s own connotations. Do you want a spotlight on your bed? Or would you rather something more subtle? Most of us would go with the latter, so it’s necessary to dive into some research about which kind of bulbs, which kind of shades and which area of your bedroom you should focus on to create the desired effect.

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Lighting and Other Room Factors

Your lighting can have some different impacts on the wall-paint you have in your home. Darker wall colors will make rooms seem smaller. But it’s actually possible to change this with properly placed lighting. This can be achieved through lamps, placing them in certain areas is a great way to create flattering backdrops.


One of the biggest things to consider when dealing with bedroom lighting is which area you’d most like to highlight. Once you work this out, you can optimise the position of your lighting and compliment the main area with subtle, lower lights.

Lighting can also be a fabulous way of displaying striking pieces. For example, a staple chandelier can work wonders on a bedroom. It really grabs a person’s attention when a lighting fixture has a beautiful design. Use this to your advantage and create an eye-magnet to areas you wish to emphasise.

The Mood of Your Bedroom

Ambience is especially important in the bedroom. Usually, a bedroom is all about the mood you wish to convey. Even if you are on your own, you can find tranquility in a room with soft, low lighting. This type of lighting also allows you to convey romantic connotations and to enhance the feeling of sensuality.

Don’t find yourself too constricted by modern trends. The beautiful thing about a bedroom is that it’s your own personal space to decorate how you desire. Your lighting should be a reflection of the mood you want to set in your own area. These days there are also dim-switches available which can give you the chance to switch up your tastes depending on how you’re feeling.

Explore your inner interior decorating with some simple, easy to do, lighting changes. Lighting is a really effective way to change the appearance of any room without spending too much money or taking too many risks.