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Key Tips On Asking A Builder About Roof Repair Before Hiring One

A roof is a vital aspect of one’s home. It serves as a protection for your family from the natural elements of

the environment, as well as gives off visual aesthetics. But what are the key tips on asking a builder about roof repair before hiring one? How can you tell if you’re hiring the best roofing contractor? If it’s your first time building a home, or you just need to repair your previous roof here are five crucial questions you should ask a before hiring them.

Are you licensed?

First off, you need to know whether or not your roof builder has a license or not. Why might you be asking why there is a need for such? Well, this gives you the assurance that their work will be at par, and not substandard. It also helps if something goes wrong on the jobsite when they’re preparing your roof, especially if you need to claim it on insurance. If you hire someone who isn’t licensed it may cause you to lose your insurance case.

Do you have insurance?

Almost all licensed contractors have insurance. But to be on the safe side it’s still critical for you to ask. If you don’t want to be paying for high priced repairs if something goes wrong, ask if they have insurance. If there’s any damage whatsoever to your property while the project is being carried out, it’s the insurance company of the roofing contractor who will pay for it.

You also need to know what level of insurance is covered in your state as this may vary. Search on Google for your state, and the roofing insurance requirements that come with it.

Do you have customer service?

You know that in anything you purchase, it’s vital that it has fantastic customer service. You don’t want to end with signing up with a company with poor customer service, do you? You need to research first whether or not the company has an excellent customer service department. You can start off by asking pertinent questions about the potential project and see how long they’ll respond to your queries. Check their reviews online, is feedback mostly positive? This way, you’ll know how they deal with customers and whether they’re the right decision for your roofing needs.

How long have you been in the business?

If you want to hire the best roofing contractor, then, work experience is essential. A company who’s been in the business for a long time won’t risk their reputation by giving you substandard work. That’s why it’s better to choose a company who’s been in the roofing business for years. Why? You’ll know you’ll be in good hands, and to stay in business they would have to deliver quality time and time again.

Can you show me of your work plans with previous clients?

One way you can gain insight into how they do quality work and attention to detail is showing your work plans with the previous projects they’ve done. It includes everything from costing to setting up specific timelines. A red flag here is a company coming up with poorly done work plans because you’ll likely end up with complications later on.

Will you be subcontracting?

You have to be aware that not all companies are doing the job by themselves, some of them are subcontracting the project to another company. If they are indeed subcontracting, ask if you can meet these people personally. Ask them a few pertinent questions regarding the job, and through this, you’ll be better informed if they’re competent or not.

During the installation, who will be on the job site?

Chances are, if you’re hiring a large company, you’re likely not the only client they have for the day. If the owner or the manager isn’t present, then keep your cool, and ask for the project manager. Make sure they’re experienced and plan to complete everything in accordance to local law.

The takeaway

Finding the right roofing contractor who can best suit your needs can be quite challenging. But by asking these key tips, you’ll narrow down your choices of plano roofing professionals over time.

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