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Key Signs Your Electrical Wiring May Need Changing

Electricity is such a beautiful invention of man that has made possible thousands of pleasures that we get to enjoy today. However, power is a two-edged sword; it has benefits while it also has dangers. If you don’t take care of how you utilize this wonderful invention, you’ll end up in a dangerous situation. This is why it’s essential for you to be careful and wary handling electricity. Mishandling it can be a danger to your life and property. According to Electric Safety Foundation International, each year 350,000 fires occur, a significant portion of this is due to electrical malfunction. You don’t want to be part of that statistic, right?

Why Should You Get Your Electrical Wiring Changed?

1. It can damage your equipment.

Exposed and damaged electrical wiring can result in severe electrical problems. Damaged wirings can create incorrect power flow, which can result in spikes in your power supply. It has the possibility to result in substantial heat damage to your electrical equipment such as your:

a. TV
b. Computer
c. Phone

It will also result in your devices experiencing a lack of sufficient power. If your devices experience this, it may end up running sluggishly and become damaged. All of these elements will over time cause serious problems.

2. It can become a fire hazard.

Heat damage to your electrical devices because of excess power either comes from an electrical spike or power flow that’s poorly regulated. Electrical spikes come from your damaged power cables that are connected to your electrical equipment. Due to this, your devices will build up heat that can combust anytime.

3. It can result in your injury or death.

Damaged electrical wirings can produce raw electrical output that if it gets contact to your skin may cause skin burns or death because of electrocution. Cables that are connected can deliver an electrical shock to you, which can cause injuries such as:

a. Involuntary muscle reactions
b. Muscle paralysis
c. Physical shock
d. Burns
e. Death

4. It can become a violation to electrical codes.

From time to time, authorities inspect your home. They ensure that your home is safe and there are no problems for you and the people around you. During their inspections, they check your electrical wirings, and if you’re found to be negligent, you may face legal actions.

Signs That Your Electrical Wiring Needs To Get Changed

1. Problems on your circuit breaker.

When your circuit is overloaded, the circuit breaker is made to trip it. It prevents your wires from overheating and possibly resulting in a fire by turning off your electrical supply.

However, your circuit breakers can trip for no reason if they get old. These occasional trippings can mean that it’s just simple overloads. If these happen, you can plug your appliances into another circuit. But if your circuit breaker trips more and more, this should be a concern and get a consultation from an electrician.

2. When you get substantial electrical shocks.

If your appliance has a ground fault or has improper electrical wiring, you may get a slight electrical shock or a tingle when you get in contact with it. When you cross a surface that’s carpeted, it’s may only be static electricity. However, when you keep getting electrical shocks, you should not be too comfortable and wait for the situation to get worse.

3. If your ceiling fixtures become hot.

There are times that most of your fixtures become too hot because they’re not well insulated. This is why it’s important to check them and the area around them regularly. Also, if you have consumed more than your recommended wattage, it can cause overheating.

However, if you’ve already used bulbs such as LED (light-emitting diode) or CFL (compact fluorescent light) and there’s still heating, it’s time you get it checked. Also, if the heating occurs even if you’re not using your ceiling fixtures can also pose a concern.

4. When your lights keep flickering for no reason.

If you have a loose or defective light bulb, your lights will keep flickering. However, if you have replaced your light bulb and it continues flashing, you need to consult an electrician. Flickering lights can mean:

a. A fault on your light fixture
b. Loose connection to your light fixture
c. Loose wiring on your circuit breaker

5. Your electrical outlets or light switches are not working.

If your receptacles or light switches don’t work as much as they should, this can be a problem with electrical wiring. Your wiring might have cracks or are loose internally. If you think that it’s the case, you should get a professional electrician.

Why Should You Hire An Electrician?

Working on your electrical wiring requires training and specific skills. Once you have noticed any of these symptoms, the best move that you can make is to get in touch with a professional electrician such as the ones that we have here at St. Louis Electrical Contractors. Working with our highly trained and well- experienced electrician will help you solve any of your electrical problems without a worry.

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