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Install Bathroom Mirror Cabinets in Quick and Easy Steps

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Bathroom mirror cabinets help in making your space look bigger than it is. There are many designs of mirror cabinets that can be installed in your bathroom to be used for either display or storage. When you are selecting the bathroom mirror cabinets that you need in your bathroom, you need to consider factors such as the space available and the layout of the house.  When you have sufficient space, you can have a bigger mirror cabinet unlike when your bathroom is limited to a small space. The shape and size of the mirror cabinet can be determined by the space available in your home and the accessories that are already installed. Installation can be done as a DIY project if you have the right tools and expertise. If you are interested in knowing how to install mirror cabinets in your bathroom, this article will be helpful to you. Please read to the end so that you can understand more.

Remove the Cabinet Doors and Shelves

Mirror cabinets are delicate to handle especially during the installation process.  Before you embark on hanging them on the wall, you need to disassemble it to be in parts. Put the glass doors and the shelves aside and only remain with the cabinet frame. If you are not familiar with the process of disassembling the cabinet, you may look for further step by step instructions on how to remove them. Ensure that you carefully remove them so that you will not have trouble putting them back once you hang the cabinet into place.

Mark the Position to Install the Mirror Cabinet.

Making the position, you will install the cabinet come sin next after disassembling it. Using a pencil, mark out the outline of where you need the bottom of the cabinet to be. This could be above the vanity or on a plain wall. This decision is dependent on the individual installing. Using a spirit level, outline the cabinet and create clear markings. The markings are vital since they will eliminate any risk of committing errors in the installation.

Mark Position of Wall Studs.

Wall studs are important when you are hanging cabinets on walls.  You need to identify the position of the wall studs so that you can conveniently screw the cabinets firmly into position. Using a stud finder, you can easily locate their position. When you have spotted their positions, mark them carefully on the wall and also do the same on the back of the cabinet. This will help you to identify the actual spots where you should screw your cabinet on the wall.

Drill Pilot Holes

 In the wall studs that you have marked, drill pilot holes that you will use to test whether your cabinet fits perfectly. Testing should be done frequently so that you don’t end up having a cabinet that is not firmly fixed on the wall. Also, you should use a spirit level to check on the plumpness of the cabinet when you install. When you have drilled the pilot holes on the studs, mount the cabinet and check whether it fits as planned. When you have confirmed this, you can go ahead and drill the other holes in the marked spots. They will be used to fasten the cabinet into place.

 Mount the Cabinet

The holes drilled at the back of the glass cabinets will be used to tighten it to the wall studs. Since there are holes already drilled on the walls, you will only need to place the cabinet into position and fasten it using the available screws. When fastening the cabinet, ensure that you use washers to make your cabinet firm and not moving around.

Fix the Doors and Shelves Back Into Place

 The glass mirror doors and shelves should then be fixed back into position. Using your screws and a screwdriver, tightly fix the doors and the shelves. They should be fixed in a way that the user does not struggle to open them. If you have a sliding door, it should open freely without the application of too much force. Pivoted doors should also be tested after installation to ensure they are working perfectly.

Ultimately, there are many small space bathroom adjustments that you can do to make it look more comfortable and classy. Fab glass and mirror offer a wide range of mirror and glass products including cabinets that you can install in your bathroom. With your mirror cabinet ideas, you can visit fab glass and mirror, and they will sell to you the best products of your choice that you would like to include in the bathroom. Also, small bathroom space adjustments require planning so that you do not add accessories which will result in unnecessary congestion in the long run.