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How to Tell If You’re a Minimalist or a Maximalist

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For many people, the days of buying humongous homes and big flashy cars are suddenly beginning to shift. Many people look at possessions in the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Europe very differently than they once did in the past.

Some people are content to earn a decent living and make enough money to pay for a small yet pleasurable home in a nice neighborhood. On the flipside, there are still many first worlders who’d give their right arm to make a killing and own five McMansions, 20 top shelf expensive cars, and tons of other toys.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? Does reading a review of the RTA Cabinet Store wet your whistle because you’re making plans to renovate your second summer home and you’d definitely consider yourself a maximalist? Or are you more into living a simple life with few possessions, an abundance of wonderful experiences and memories, and what many consider true happiness?

If you’re having trouble deciding which camp you belong to, we’re here to make your life easier. Keep reading to discover if you are more of a minimalist or a maximalist in nature.

Signs to Help You Determine If You’re a Minimalist

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As you can imagine, it’s more than possible to determine if you’re a minimalist based on a few critical signs and portends. It should be no surprise that you fall in the minimalist camp if you gravitate toward any of the things we’re about to mention below.

As an example, do you have a strong dislike for clutter? Obviously nobody likes to have a cluttered house or apartment. But you may take things to the next level and begin reducing or minimizing all of your possessions in order to kill the clutter and live in a clean, stress-free home.

Another sign to consider includes the size of your home. Many people that consider themselves minimalists tend to get rid of the large majority of their possessions and move into smaller homes or apartments. Why? Because they need a lot less space. And the more space you have, the more you tend to fill it up, so downsizing your home or apartment is brilliant in this regard.

Simplicity is the third sign or key to minimalism. If you like living a simple life, and work hard to keep your schedule small and stress-free, you minimize your digital devices and have few apps and programs, then you my friend are most definitely a minimalist.

Combine all these things and you definitely qualify as a minimalist. Even if you only do some of these things part of the way, you certainly have minimalist tendencies.

Signs to Help Determine If You’re a Maximalist

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For those of you who do not have minimalist tendencies, you may be completely on the opposite side of the spectrum and consider yourself a maximalist. While simple living definitely has its benefits, you may prefer to have lots of great stuff and feel absolutely no desire to minimize your possessions or lifestyle whatsoever.

Most maximalists do not necessarily like clutter per se. But they like owning things and they like having lots of great outfits to choose from and great cars to drive, and big closets to fill with exciting stuff.

Maximalists also tend to gravitate toward collections. They love collecting things like books, DVDs, the latest iPhones, comic books, cars, stamps, sneakers, or just about anything else you can think of. Maximalists love their collections and they love showing them off to their friends and family members inside their home.

World travelers can also be maximalists even though traveling the world is typically associated with a minimalist lifestyle. Believe it or not, you can collect things like spoons, matchbooks, poker chips, hotel towels, or any other type of souvenir as you travel the world visiting place after place.

Being maximalist doesn’t have to mean that you are a complete slob. It doesn’t mean that your life is completely cluttered either. You may have lots of extra space to fill with all of your wonderful things and no one would ever know of your abundance of stuff because you have the extra space to house it all.


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No matter what way you slice it, you’re either going to be a minimalist, a maximalist, or tend to lean one way or the other. Basically, you can use the information shared today to determine which camp you fall in. It doesn’t really matter how you approach life as long as you’re happy in the end, so always keep that in mind.