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How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Cleaning

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The best part about using professional cleaning companies is that you get to save yourself time and the pressure that comes with figuring out how to get rid of all manner of stain. Plus, going for the best cleaner guarantees you value for your money. Now, even though the cleaning contractor will handle most of the leg work, it is important for you to know how to prepare for the cleaning exercise. Keep reading to find out.


If you have any special requests or any important issue you want clarified by the cleaner, be sure to let them know in advance. From the packages available, cleaning schedules, to their services and rates, make sure you understand every single detail.

On the other hand, let them know of any preferences you might have especially when it comes to the choice of the cleaning products. It helps to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Making A Deal

Get rid of the clutter

Clearing all the areas to be cleaned enables the cleaner to work faster and more efficiently. After all, your cleaner is here to eliminate dirt and not to organize paperwork, dishes, shoes, or any other items scattered all over the place.

Put away your belongings and declutter all the rooms that you need cleaned. While at it, put away any personal items to avoid liability cases with the cleaning company. Once you have done this, you will surely get the best possible results from the cleaning company.

Put away pets

Whether friendly or hostile, pets need to be locked away so that they do not interfere with what the cleaner is doing. The loud noise produced by some of the cleaning machines could startle your pets and cause them to run around aimlessly.

Pug Sleeping On The Floor

Have somebody around

If this is the first time you are using a cleaning service, then you need to be present or have someone around. This is necessary in order to check the capabilities of these cleaners. Once they are done, you can consider their work and give valuable feedback. This is, especially, helpful when they come back for future visits.

Protect your appliances

If there are any appliances that you need cleaned or those that should be moved while cleaning, make sure to inform your cleaners about it. Explain to them how to move or operate the appliances while cleaning. While most cleaners will definitely know how to operate different appliances, others won’t.

Carrying Washing Machine

Remove light furniture

Considering cleaning experts are not licensed to move furniture in your home, it is your duty to help prepare their arrival by moving furniture out of the way. It is not only hard to clean around this light furniture, but there is also the risk of damaging them while working.

The cleaners will work a lot better without worrying about knocking things over. You can move the light furniture to the garage or a different room that is not being cleaned at the time.

Protect the walls

During the cleaning exercise, the cleaning team will be pulling hoses around the house which would result in friction on the corners and baseboards. Now, to prevent black marks being formed on the corners of the walls, you should get a high-quality painter’s tape and apply it along these regions.

Lastly, when the cleaning specialists arrive be sure to draw their attention to spots or stains which may need special attention and parts on the walls that require cleaning. Let them know about the cause of the stain because it will influence their choice of cleaning detergent.

Some cleaners will charge less if you provide your own cleaning detergents. However, there are others who can only work with their own supplies. Ask your cleaning company about detergents and you might end up saving some money.

Ideally, the cleaning of your home or commercial property is a collaboration between you and the cleaning professionals you have opted to select. They will rely a lot on your help to produce satisfactory results. Therefore, if you follow the simple tips mentioned above, you will have very little to worry about. You will also save a lot of time for your cleaners and allow them to do what they do best, which is cleaning.