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How to Pick the Right Kitchen Flooring For Your Granite Worktop

Are you planning on replacing your kitchen countertop and floor yet unsure which materials blend well together or are you baffled whether or not to use the same colour for the countertop and floor? Kitchen remodelling might be a little tricky to some, especially when it comes to matching the countertop to the kitchen flooring, but it is not an impossible task.

Granite countertops are an excellent choice when creating a beautiful and functional kitchen. These natural stones do come in varying designs, shade and colour, and their finishes just fit any theme. Granites are known not only for their durability but also they add value to any household. Granite stones never go out of style. It’s easy to see why homeowners worldwide would set their eyes on granite as the first pick when it comes to countertop materials.

But all kitchen design elements must be coherent, that is, one must not overshadow the other. Once your granite worktop installation is done, other kitchen design elements must be chosen to, of course, complement it. And one significant kitchen design element that doesn’t get updated often is the flooring. To fulfil your dream kitchen, the kitchen flooring must not upstage the granite countertop.

So, here are things to consider when picking the perfect kitchen flooring that will blend with your granite countertop.

Colour scheme and theme

What makes granite such an excellent countertop material is the wide selection of colours and shades that come in different patterns and swirling colours. Granite is easy to match with whatever colour scheme you have in mind. Also, granite allows you to add accents if you are going for a simple, sleek kitchen design.

That being said, you need to come up with a colour scheme that suits your taste. Why is this important? If you have a clear picture of what you want, then this will help narrow down options and will keep you on track with your “theme.” First, pick out your colour (one accent and two dominant) because it will determine the kitchen’s physical tone and hue. If you can get your hands on a colour chart, then you’ll quickly figure out which colour goes well together. But keep in mind that the dominant colours must be simple, yet complement each other, while the accent colour adds character and ties all three colours together.

Coordinating finishes

Since you already have granite as your countertop material and your colour scheme, you then need to coordinate the finishes for both the flooring and countertop. Would you prefer a glossy or matte finish? Or would you prefer a flat or textured one?


Kitchen floors not only have to be resistant to heat, moisture and humidity but they also have to be comfortable enough because you will be standing there for long hours of cooking. If you’re on a budget, sheet vinyl might be the option for you. They are the easiest to maintain and are soft. Plus, they come in varying colours that can even mimic natural stone and ceramic tile.

If durability is your concern, then porcelain tile is your go-to flooring material. They are also easy to clean and mimic natural stone. The only drawback is that they are not comfortable if you plan on standing for extended periods. And if you want to go for the natural materials, hardwood flooring is your best bet. This is ideal for open kitchens, and they are comfortable to stand on. The drawback, of course, is that they need to be re-sealed often because temperature changes and humidity affects the material.

Now that you have material options for your kitchen floor, the following are the design aspects you need to consider:

  • Keep the flooring pattern simple if you have a busy pattern for your granite worktop, and vice versa.
  • Avoid a flat and overwhelming look in your kitchen by making sure there is a contrast between the floor and cabinets. If you are going for laminate or wood floors, it is ideal to have them in the same tone as the cabinets but not too close in colour.
  • Your countertop doesn’t necessarily have to match the floor, but they should be similar enough, so there is harmony with the kitchen’s horizontal lines and the cabinet’s vertical lines. TIP: Choose a tone for your granite countertop and then match a tile the easily highlights it. If you are planning on getting porcelain (the practical tile) or ceramic tiles, then make sure not to match them with the countertop to avoid a too busy look that, again, might be overwhelming for your kitchen.


Coordinating finishes


Before finally deciding which flooring material you are going for, consider first your lifestyle. If there are kids in the house or if there are dogs, cats or other pets, then durability will be your primary concern. Second would be going a bit darker in colour to mask shoe marks if there is heavy traffic in the kitchen or if there are tons of accidental spills.

These suggestions might be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time remodelling your kitchen. But just remember to keep everything as simple as possible and that there should be contrast and coherence at the same time. By keeping things simple, you’ll be able to spruce up your theme over time without having to break the bank. Simplicity goes a long way.

So, good luck with your remodel.



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