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How To Make Entertainment Economical For The Family

Despite the strong culture of hyper-consumerism, a growing number of people are deliberately downsizing their life in order to save more money, organize their life better, and contribute to the preservation of the environment. This brand of lifestyle is called minimalism. Thanks to this, people are discovering that having more stuff and spending more are not necessary for a good quality of life.

For example, when it comes to entertainment, minimalists say there are several ways to make it more economical. One is by going “old school” and using antennas instead of relying on a cable TV service. So if you’re looking to make entertainment an aspect of your family life where you can save money, there are different tactics that you can employ.


Listed below are the top recommendations of long-time minimalists and frugal-ists.

  1.     Do without a cable subscription and have a digital TV antenna or satellite dish installed.

As mentioned earlier, entertainment can become cheaper without cable TV service. Cable TV is affordable, but you can definitely do without it if you wish to take a more frugal route to entertainment.

Enjoy plenty of free to air television station choices (Freeview) via digital TV antenna or satellite dish installation. You don’t even have to get a new TV set for it.

Another advantage to this option is that you can get clear reception wherever you may be. No matter how off the grid your location is, as long as professionals install your antenna, you can be sure to enjoy a decent signal for your TV.

  1.     Stop buying physical books and shift to e-books.

Books are nice to have but you can get the same value with no clutter by simply reading e-books. You can download a Kindle app for your phone, tablet or laptop and through the app, you can access a vast library of literary works.

The shift from a culture of owners to a culture of access will have no impact on entertainment value, but the latter is more affordable and convenient (especially if you live in a country where you can connect to free Wi-Fi everywhere), and also beneficial to the environment.

  1.     Get the most use out of the electronic devices that you really need.

Your smartphone, tablet, and laptop can easily replace a fancy entertainment system. Get the most functional mileage from them by investing in affordable and portable accessories such as a Bluetooth speaker, or a projector.


  1.     Stop going to the theatre to watch movies.

While you may not be able to watch the biggest film of the season right when it comes out, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely missing out. Just wait a few weeks after the official run in theatres and you can bet the film you’re interested in will be available online. You save money on gas, tickets, and even snacks.

What you can also do to make movie watching more enjoyable is to create an event for it. If you have a big wall mount TV, you can hook it up to the Internet for a movie marathon with family and friends.

  1.     Get your music fix from Spotify.

Music is for free with this app and you can enjoy tunes on your phone, tablet and even computer. Likewise, you can create and edit your own playlist so you don’t have to listen to songs that you don’t like.

  1.     Check your community events calendar.

Do you like plays, concerts, sports competitions, and art shows? Go online and check your community events calendar. Most towns and local schools hold events that are really cheap, and at times, completely free. Check out the amateur competitions too; you can get up close and personal with the players, and the snacks – always way cheaper.

entertainment economical

Turning to your community for entertainment will not only be a huge benefit to your family, but it’s also a fantastic way to demonstrate support and strengthen community ties.

  1.     Visit your local library.

Local libraries these days are treasure troves of entertainment materials. They have everything from e-books (apart from traditional tomes) to music downloads and even free movie rentals. A visit to your library will keep you entertained (and educated) at no cost.

  1.     Volunteer

When the family’s simply bored, you can work together to bring “ease” to society. Volunteering may be hard work, but it’s usually fun and rewarding, and it will make you feel good. Get in touch with your town office to find out about volunteering programs that you can take part in.

There are still many other ways you can make entertainment for the family an economic arrangement; you’re really only limited by your imagination. Hopefully, these tips help in getting you started on making fun a separate activity from using up your funds.