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How to Make an Organized Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom can become complicated as it requires a lot of effort, money, time, and patience. In fact, it can become a stressful undertaking if you’re unable to make the necessary preparations. Organizing your bathroom renovation will make it more manageable and less nerve-racking. To make things easier for you, here are tips on how to be organized during a renovation.

General Tips in Bathroom Renovation

Before anything else, we’re going to give you a quick yet important tip when it comes to renovation: you need to give more importance to functionality over the esthetic appeal. Basically, you need to ensure that the plumbing lines, electricity, ventilation, and other functionality aspects of your bathroom are prioritized first before you move on to how your bathroom looks.

1. Budget

The number one in the list. It will be easier for you to plan when you have a budget allocated for the renovation. Of course, you’re free to use any fixtures, appliances, and materials that you want to use for your renovation as long as it fits the budget; however, if they’re too expensive, you might want to adjust your expenditures. You will not be able to execute the plan properly if you don’t allocate an estimated amount. You don’t have to forcefully do the renovation if you’re unable to commit financially yet.

2. Consider the Time of the Duration and the Ordering Process

Some homeowners assume that if they are remodeling a part of their house, it will only take a short while. The truth is, everything will depend on what you want your bathroom to look like. Yet, planning refers not only to defining the duration of the renovation, it’s also about certain intermediate steps that should be taken during the process such as purchasing tiles, fixtures, and other materials. This is to make sure they will be ready when your contractor needs them.

3. Design and the contractors

Start making or browsing for designs that you want for your new bath. Lucky for you, there are various design sources that you can use such as home decor magazines and of course, the internet.

Do not forget to take your time in finding top notch plumbers, contractors, electricians and other essential tradesperson you need for your renovation to be completed.

4. Call and hire for help

You really can’t do it all by yourself. May it be DIY or not, you still need a helping hand. Choose a group of professionals that have licenses, a good reputation and offers affordable prices. Once you hired them, you can now start discussing about renovation plans. They will do the necessary measurements and give recommendations to make for your bathroom renovation. Even if you are planning a DIY or not, hiring the right person to help you is the smartest you can do. Don’t overlook the advantages in hiring these contractors and do yourself a favor, save yourself from the stress and issues.

5. Ordering the F’s

Since you’ve talked to the contractors already and has now the idea what to buy, start purchasing. You can start buying the fixtures and other materials that might need to be ordered and shipped. It’s important to consider new fixtures that can be become beneficial for you in the long run. For example, low-flush toilets use less water so this will definitely help cut down your water utility bills.

6. Planning ahead for your convenience

As mentioned earlier, the duration of your renovation will depend on the scope of the project. It’s important to think ahead as to what will be your alternative bathroom if the renovation starts. Of course, it won’t be an issue for those who already have an extra bathroom but for those of you whose only bathroom is being renovated, you need to plan ahead for your substitute bathroom.

7. Aftercare

Don’t forget to gather and keep the leftover materials and tools. Who knows, you might need this to fix some parts of your bathroom in the future.

Once the renovation is finished, you’re going to return your bathroom essentials. In order to make this less hassle and time-consuming, store all your bathroom essentials in one box so that it would be organized and easy to find. All you have to do now is arrange the vanity mirror, the cabinets and accessories.

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