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How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger & Brighter

Kitchen Counter With Candles

Small kitchens can be cute, but when you want more elbow room, or when you want to really open up your space, it can be difficult to increase their apparent size. Instead of buying a completely new kitchen outright, it is well worth thinking about ways in which you can create spatial illusions for your family and your guests! With that in mind, how can you make a kitchen look bigger without having to invest too much money? Let’s find out.

Go Small on Sink Space

This might sound counter-intuitive but restrict your sink. The smaller the sink, the more wide-open space you will have to work elsewhere. Your sink is only useful for a handful of jobs. Therefore, it makes sense to really only invest in a small unit. The smaller the sink, the wider your worktops will appear! What’s more, this could well give you more space to work with overall. It’s not just a case of creating an illusion. 

Make More With Mirrors

You may well have heard that you can make rooms look bigger with mirrors. It’s absolutely true! Mirrors help to give off an illusion of larger spaces – and the same goes for your kitchen. While you may not think that a kitchen is the best place to hang mirrors, there are plenty of great places you could install them to have a space-extending effect. For example, you could set up mirrors on cupboards, near your sink, or on your doors. Anywhere you can put them, you’ll create a fantastic illusion and help to make your space look bigger than it actually is.

Look for Reflective Surfaces

As well as hanging a few mirrors, have you thought about installing reflective surfaces? Taking the place of traditional worktops and countertops, these systems could do even more for creating that larger illusion. However, you shouldn’t ever go completely overboard.

If you have too many mirrors in one space, you are at risk of making things look super-cheesy. Therefore, consider your options. Maybe make one or two counters reflective and balance the rest with carefully-hung mirrors. Your own tastes, naturally, are going to vary! You could even set up reflective tiles, too.

Go Vertical With Storage

One thing that can really damage the space in a small kitchen is, of course, clutter. Be smart about where you store your utensils and essentials. You could hang them in vertical racks and stacks above your sinks and workspaces. Instead of just piling everything up, use vertical brackets and make the most of your wall space. If you have walls going bare, then it’s time to think about making full use of them. Otherwise, you’re just going to crowd your flat surfaces even more.

Think Outside of the Box

There are plenty of ways you could help to make a small kitchen look bigger. Why should you have to pay through the nose for extra storage or for a whole new kitchen? Be prepared to think outside of the box, and you’ll have access to a bigger space in no time.

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