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How to Increase Your Home’s Appeal with Your Carpet


A great deal of your life is going to be spent at your home which includes everything you touch and put your feet on. Hence, it becomes more than necessary to take good care of your home’s flooring and carpeting. If you haven’t thought of that yet, now is the time. Your carpet not only provides a soft surface to walk on but also represents your lifestyle in many ways. A fine carpet always attracts positive attention from others and describes your sense of interior decor as well. 

We have some valuable suggestions for you on what type of carpet to choose, how much to spend and how to take care of your carpet with some Carpet Cleaning tips from experts. These are sure to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior with your carpet!

1.     Finding the Right Carpet Material

“Affordable seems strong, expensive lasts long.”

The phrase suggests the prime rule for buying carpets. There are all kinds of materials available in the market but if you want luxury to be the selling point of your home flooring, then you must go in for a woolen carpet with a dense pad. Nothing comes close to wool in terms of its fabric quality and soft feel. Its aesthetics are also unmatched as compared to Nylon or Triexta which are cheaper alternatives to wool.

Then there are further options like Olefin and Acrylic which offer wooly texture and even better resistance to dirt, moisture, stains etc. These are best for highly walked upon surfaces like the living room and dining as they support easy carpet cleaning.

For children’s areas and places susceptible to litter, Polyester can be a fitting option as it endures allergens, moths, water etc while being easily cleanable. Triexta, a relatively newer variable offers better textures with same features as that of Polyester.

2.     Choose Colors Wisely

Recent studies about home culture reveal that colors play a big role in making or breaking a pleasant home interior. It is believed that colors like pink or red aren’t a good choice for family environments. Shades of blue, black and gray are considered to be relaxing and increase productivity. Beige, brown and white are also considered great for home flooring as per the carpet cleaning Melbourne experts.

3.     Make A Profitable Decision

Another important factor is the carpet merchant you’ll be going in with. The installation service provider and the carpet brand must be determined after a thorough consultation with a professional in the field. There could be significant price differences between installers for the same product. Also, choose a material that provides you a long lasting carpet as per the points mentioned earlier.

4.     Carpet Upkeep

Taking care of the carpet will add to its durability and cleanliness of your home. The best way for carpet cleaning is to do it thoroughly once every month alongside vacuuming and dusting as often as possible. Keep pet activities and littering of carpet limited.

5.     Using Carpet Powder

Carpet Powder is an easy fix for unclean carpets. It can get rid of persistent stains and odors with just one use. All you need is to sprinkle the carpet powder evenly all over the carpet surface and then leave it overnight. Next morning, vacuum clean your carpet to remove the powder and all the carpet filth will be carried along with the powder. Simple and quick!

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6.     Using Carpet Shampoo

The Shampoo is to be used for tougher stains and odors. The carpet cleaning method involves mixing the shampoo with water and spreading it all over the carpet. Next, you can use a cleaning brush with hard bristles to scrape off the dirt that is not ready to leave the fabric. Once this is done, you can leave the carpet for drying and later vacuum clean it for a fine finish.

7.     Using Soda Water and Salt

You can use soda or tonic water found in kitchen supplies to rinse wash the carpet with them. In addition, salt acts as a great bleaching agent and helps you remove muck collected over several years in one go. It will also get rid of nasty smells for you.

8.     Using Professional Carpet Cleaners

When all the pre-mentioned methods have failed, it’s time to switch to more heavy duty products. National Chemical Laboratories Inc has developed some best carpet cleaning products that use Encapsulation Technology to remove persistent stains. The cleaning concentrate forms a layer of encapsulation around the dirt collected in the carpet and gradually separates itself from the carpet fabric. This separated compound dries out in some time and forms a powdery substance over the carpet surface which can easily be sucked in with the help of a vacuum cleaner, leaving behind an absolute delight for the eyes.