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How to have the Best Layout for Your Kitchen Appliances

How to have the Best Layout for Your Kitchen Appliances

When you design a kitchen and consider your appliances, you essentially have two basic choices: either your appliances are built-in, or they come as stand-alone units. How to design your kitchen – where to locate those appliances – should be done with practicality in mind, and often people neglect to consider the most important aspect: the cook. Deciding where to place a certain item should, first of all, be done based on the cooking patterns of the chef.

That’s not to say some allowances or compromises cannot be made, especially when you are limited by space. However, there’s a solution for everything, and if you’re struggling with ideas, then this one’s for you. Here’s how to have the best layout for your kitchen appliances.

The triangle

This is a common pattern – very popular – and for good reason; it’s been tried and tested throughout the ages and has always received very favourable comments. In essence, it’s made of three points: the sink, the hob, and the refrigerator. By keeping those three elements in mind and positioning them in a convenient manner, you can create your own practical solution: you can find a way to organise your kitchen for both functionality and aesthetic quality.

The island

A kitchen island is not just reserved for large kitchens. As long as the surface is smooth and practical (easy to clean and maintain, such as a quartz worktop London suppliers like J.R. Stone provide), you can have an island in your kitchen that is just the right size for you. Optimise the island by having a built-in oven or installing handy drawers.

Built-in appliances

Built-in appliances tend to offer much more flexibility and keep it all organized, although of course, it would not be possible to re-organize your kitchen on a regular basis. When opting for built-in appliances, think the project through carefully.


Go with the flow

Work with space, not against it. Picture yourself in the center of the kitchen, going through the motions of cooking and baking – and build your kitchen according to your own needs and the space available. Work with what you have; don’t force things.

Food only, please

There was a time when laundry machines and dryers were installed in the kitchen – don’t do that; it’s simply not practical. Food only, please.

Whether you’re designing your kitchen from scratch, creating a new one, or planning to remodel an existing one, it’s always best to start with a clean sheet of paper. If you’re refurbishing, forget what is in your kitchen for a moment and focus on the clean sheet of paper whilst imagining how a cook should move. What actions are most often performed, and how should the appliances be positioned for the cooking to be efficient? It’s all about functionality and comfort, after all.