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How to Decorate a Wall Gallery with Family Photographs

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An Easy Step-By-Step Guide for Decorating Wall Gallery with Family Photographs


You have plenty of sweet memories still alive in the photographs you have captured. Your first marriage anniversary, your kid’s first birthday, when your kid walked for the first time, when he was ready for the first day of school, your first family vacation and many other memories are preserved in your family album. You have a boatload of moments of joy captured on the album and a decent amount of wall space in wall gallery of your home. These photographs can serve the purpose of expensive decors to make your gallery wall incredibly gorgeous.

However, many homeowners underestimate and underutilize the hidden decorating potential of the family photographs. It is always good to give it a try. Even if you feel that idea of decorating gallery wall was not that cool, still you have some good lessons to learn. Going through error and trial can give you some valuable ideas to perk up the interior of your home. And, if you do not want to spend your time on this error and trial cycle, you will find this step-by-step guide for decorating wall gallery very helpful. You can learn from your mistakes and our guide to hang family photos in the right way. So, let’s start our super simple guide.

Start With an Inspiration

You might have seen a charming wall gallery in someone’s house. And now, you feel that this has to be in your house also. That beautiful gallery should be an inspiration for you. Don’t copy it. This is your wall gallery. You should determine your personal style, preferences, and goals. The matched artwork that is looking beautiful in your neighbor’s home may look awkward in your home. It actually depends on the color scheme of the room. Variety in artwork also looks great.

Try some lay outs

Now, you have selected photographs you want to see in your wall gallery, it is time to see what should be the arrangement of photographs. Take a bed sheet and spread it on the floor. Now, arrange the selected photos on the sheet. Snap a picture and see if it looks as stunning as you expect. Try some more arrangements and snap pictures. Now, see and compare the pictures and choose the best looking arrangement.

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Mock It Up

Now, let’s see how beautiful the selected arrangement looks on the wall. Take a craft or big piece of paper and place a frame on it. Now, trace the frame onto the paper and trim the paper to the size of the frame. Tape that paper to the wall. Repeat this for every frame and tape papers to the wall according to the selected arrangement. Now move away from the wall and see how good this arrangement looks. You are going to clean photographs in wall gallery on regular basis. Can you comfortably reach every paper? Is the space available on the wall gallery filled properly? Are the gaps between photographs looking good?

Let’s Finish

Don’t remove paper from the wall gallery. These papers will help you to nail into the wall at the right place. Take a marker and mark the right place to nail into the wall. Put a nail on that mark on the paper and hammer it into the wall. Now, you can allow your kids to tear these papers away (they will love it). Here comes the part you love the most. Hang every photograph properly and safely.

Call Yourself a Genius

Look at the glorious wall gallery. This is a masterpiece by you. Now, you have every right to call yourself a genius. Enjoy!

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