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How to Clean a Blocked Sewer Line

If a sewer line is clogged and not cleaned immediately, then it will reveal bad odor as well as many health hazards very soon. Waste can accumulate in the sewer pipes which will create the problem of flooding at the other end. Cleaning a blocked sewer line effectively and efficiently requires hiring plumbing emergency service in Bowie, which should be considered as an ideal approach. However, if the problem is not very extensive, then it can also be fixed DIY. Here is what you need to know, if you want to clean or unclog your clogged sewer line.

Things You Require for the Job

It is obvious that you will need a few professional tools to complete the job of unclogging a blocked sewer line. The tools that you require are a drain cleaner, a sewer snake and a plunger. You can buy or borrow these items from the nearest plumbing store. After arranging these items, you should follow the below mentioned steps to complete the job.

1. Evaluate the Damage

First of all, you need to take a look at the area and assess the severity of the issue. This will prove extremely beneficial, while removing the obstacle. This is also important because this will help you decide whether you should move on with the process, or you should hire a sewer cleaning in Bowie. So, you should look for the leaked places as well as the places where there isn’t any leak.

2. Cleaning a Simple Obstruction (Clog)

If the clog is identified as a simple clog, then it would be very easy to fix. In that case, you should buy a good quality liquid drain cleaner to clean the clogged line. Or, you can also use a plunger in order to open the sewer pipe.

Using a Plunger: In case if you have decided to use a household plunger, then you should plunge with the strong motions in up & down directions, rapidly. You should repeat the process many times. For the best effect, you should repeat it 2 to 3 times.

Using a Drain Cleaner: If you are using a drain cleaner, then you must buy a high quality cleaner and must use it as per the directions of the manufacturers. The cleaner will take some time to work efficiently, so wait until it does its job effectively. Ideally, the cleaner needs to be used many times in a year so that your sewer line can remain unclogged throughout the year.

3. Cleaning a Large Obstruction

If the problem is bigger or the clog is larger, then there is possibly a problem with the sewer line (pipe) outside of the house. In that case, you are required to use the plumber snake. Look for the sewer pipe that is normally a white color pipe having a hole in its middle and should be sticking on the ground. Now, you need to use the sewer snake. Whether you have an automatic or manual snake both of them will work fine. Now, you need to run the snake in the hole. You should keep it running, unless the clog is not encountered. Hook the snake’s end into the clog and just pull it out.

Note: In case if it looks impossible to clean the obstruction using the snake, then you will have to replace the pipe. Replacing a sewer pipe demands you to hire the professional help for sewer repair in Bowie.

4. Make Sure that It Doesn’t Occur Again

After cleaning the sewer pipe, you should also identify the root cause for which your pipe was clogged. It might be a different type of paper towel or toilet paper that should have created the obstacle. To get the best recommendations, you should hire a professional plumber who must be doing the job of plumbing in Bowie for years to take a look at the actual cause of the problem. He will suggest you how you can keep your sewer lines away from such problems in the future.