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How To Choose Right Mattress To Avoid Back Pain?

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If a person sleeps in irregular position or improper posture, then he or she develops back pain. So, people who suffer from back pain should buy a right mattress to feel comfortable during night. Some of the common problems that occur due to improper mattress are neck pain, back pain, lumber disc pain or spinal pain.

Before a person chooses a mattress, he or she should consider the following points so that the right type of mattress should be purchased:

The firmness of the mattress

The people suffering from problems such as joint pain, back pain or pain in the spinal regions should buy a mattress that is medium firm also called orthopedic mattress. The mattress should not be too hard or too soft, otherwise, the S shape disc gets bent or become improper. Such people usually develop back pain in the morning. So, the texture of the mattress should be ideal. It should not be as soft as jelly, nor should it be hard as stone. When the mattress is too hard, then the pressure falls upon the lower back. When a person lies upon its back, then the natural arch of the back is increased and the load is increased through L3, 4 and 5.

The facet joints become stiff and they are unable to slide. These facet joints help a person to move from the lying position to sitting position. When the load is too soft, then the pressure is placed upon the lower joints.

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Spine is the important element of support

The mattress that is bought should be supportive to the spinal regions. The spinal region should rest in a proper way. The neck comprises of several verterbrae that is found from the base of the skull to the center points where the shoulders begin. This portion usually is cervical in shape and hence this concave shape is known as a tordotic shape. So, a person should buy a mattress that is ideal to this shape. They should sleep with right-sized pillow. From the neck, the spine becomes from the middle back to the thoracic spine. This thoratic vertebrae is attached to the ribs. The mattress that is purchased should suit the S shape of the spine and the person should be able to sleep in regular shape of L1 to L5. The structure of the spine should be place under excessive strain and it causes soreness.

Level of the firmness that suit the spine

With age factor, the posture of the spine becomes rigid and it loses its flexibility. So, a person should preferably sleep on the lower spine. If the mattress is firm, then the person can sleep properly on the mattresses. If a person sleeps soundly on the mattress, then he or she can get up comfortably in the morning. Due to the mobility loss of the spine, the person can suffer from spinal stiffness. Due to spinal stiffness, the person can develop neck pain continuously. A slight softer mattress can suit the best to the person.

Due to mobility joints, a person requires a mattress that is firm. When, the mattress is too hard, then the person needs to arch too much.

Right sleeping position

A person should first sleep in a right posture so that he or she is able to sleep soundly. Due to improper posture, a person can develop back or neck pain in the morning. A person can sit or bend forward and the person can feel even better after sleeping on the side and by lying on the back.

A person should not bend knees while sleeping and should not sleep on the back because the digestive system becomes upset. A person should preferably sleep sideways. The lower back remains safe if a person sleeps in the right position and can feel fresh during the morning hours. By sleeping sideways, the back can maintain arch.