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How To Choose Between Roof Restoration And Replacement Services For Your Home?

Are you worried about the condition of your roof? Have you taken a close look at the shape of the tiling or weather coating on your roof in recent years? There can be several types of small issues with your roof, or the present damage can be making your life a little harder every day. Small leaks, missing tiles, unwanted rodent entry through cracks and unexpected draft in the attic are prevalent problems that people often face with old roofs. Just like professional home and HVAC cleaning, roof restoration services are imperative to maintain the real estate value of your property.

People are often confused about the extent of service their roofs require. While some of the homes in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast need minimal patchwork, others can demand a full-blown restoration. Reliable roofing services usually assess the level of damage and recommend necessary refurbishment or replacement tasks. It is indeed possible to complete the renovation job personally, but many homeowners do not have the time or energy after taxing work hours. Hiring a commercial service can save you the hassle of applying for work-leaves, spending hours in the hot sun hammering and sawing, and anxiety about finishing the work on time.

When do homes need complete replacement of roofs?

There are several telltale signs that homeowners can spot. You can think of restoration as a patch-up job that needs a strong foundation for completion. However, if that strong foundation of the roofing structure weakens due to age, weather, rodent activity or rainfall, there is a requirement for thorough examination and replacement. Here are a few signs that a simple reinstatement might not be enough for your roof –

1. Your roof is aged between 20 to 30 years.

2. There might be multiple leaks on the roof that leads to dampening of the attic, puddles in the uppermost storey, wet insulation and soft spots.

3. There is an extensive loss of granule from the shingles.

4. You might be able to see daylight through the membrane and penetration.

5. There is splitting, curling, and buckling of the current membrane structure.

How is replacement different from a roof restoration?

The restoration process can only add to the integrity of the shingles and tiles already present. A replacement process, however, replaces the damaged roofing, shingles and membranes with brand new ones. Here are the fundamental differences between the two methods –

Restoration Replacement
Cost Low to medium Much higher than restoration
Duration Usually takes a couple of hours, but the length depends on extent and type of damage. Can take several days to remove old roofing and install new roofing.
Lifetime Can last for a couple of years depending on maintenance. Proper replacement services can last for 20 years.
Suitable time and season Depending on the extent of damage, any season can be appropriate. Summers in Brisbane and Sunshine coast are best for roof replacement.
Tax benefit Commercial building roof restoration can bring tax benefits. Commercial building roof replacement can bring tax benefits.