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How to Best Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

The average apartment has dropped in the last decade or so, with studio apartments seeing the biggest reduction in square footage. Studio apartments in the United States average at around 500 square feet. In many places, especially urban areas, you will have even less space.

Living in a studio apartment can present some challenges, but there is plenty to do to alleviate those.

Fool Yourself

You can give the illusion of more space in a couple different ways. Mirrors are a time-tested way to make your space appear bigger. Mirrors can also make a room brighter. If possible, place a mirror opposite a window. It will make it seem like you’ve added a window, almost always a plus in a studio apartment.

Another way to create the illusion of more space is to use bright colors. Bright colors reflect light and more light makes a room feel bigger. Walls and ceilings painted white mixed with splashes of color is a clean and inviting look.

Keeping a lid on clutter will make a room feel bigger. If you have to turn sideways to navigate your apartment, you definitely have too much clutter. If you want artwork, have something you can hang on a wall. Floor space is too valuable.

Storage Solutions

Finding a place to store all your stuff is going to be a challenge. Coming to grips with that will get you in the right mindset. Consider taking a cue from the minimalist movement and get rid of as many things as you can.

A good rule of thumb is to sell, give away or throw away anything you haven’t used in the past year. If space is really tight, you may need to limit yourself to items you use repeatedly.

Once you’ve limited your belongings, you are still going to have to find a place to keep them. Most of your storage solutions are going to be out in the open but there are ways to spice them up.

Bookshelves with cloth or wicker baskets are a fashionable choice. These baskets can hold quite a large number of items.

In your kitchen area, you should also try to avoid taking up floor space. Use wall space to put hooks for hanging pots and pans. If you can find a small china cabinet, that can be a plus. If the cabinet is painted the same color as the wall, this will make it appear to not take up as much room.

You must make use of every space you can. Even studio apartments sometimes have nooks that can be a good place for a small floating shelf.


Try to choose items that are multipurpose. If they aren’t designed for that, transform them.

A refrigerator door can double as a chalkboard or white board for leaving notes for yourself.

Stools are great for a studio apartment. Find stools that are stackable and they take up a tiny bit of space. Plus they can be used both as a place to sit yourself and a place to sit items. Stools make a great substitute for a nightstand.

Consider adding a table that folds in to create a shelf. This table can double as a dining table as well as a desk.

The Bed

Your bed is likely to be the largest single item in your apartment and will likely be a focal point. Some people like to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment by using a bookcase or trunk. If you do that, do not use something tall. That will make your already small apartment seem smaller.

Unless you use a Murphy bed that folds up into a cavity, you are going to have to use the space beneath the bed for storage. That space is too valuable to go unused.

If you or a friend is handy with cabinetry, you can create a bed platform that has large drawers beneath it. If that isn’t an option for you, you may try to choose a bed that sits a bit higher than normal, giving you more space underneath. Hide storage bins under the bed by using a bed skirt.

Keep the Proper Scale

All the furniture in your apartment should be an appropriate size for the space. For a studio apartment, that means smaller pieces.

If you must have a dresser, try to find one that is shallow. Small nesting tables and storage ottomans are a beautiful solution. You may not have room for a full-size couch. Consider a loveseat or a day bed.

When placing the furnishings in your apartment, try to keep in mind how you and your guests will navigate the room. Try to leave a natural pathway and as much open space as possible.

A smaller room also dictates a smaller television. Mounting the television on the wall is a no-brainer.

Living in a studio apartment creates challenges that can be overcome. You might find you prefer a small space that doesn’t allow you to accumulate too many unneeded items and is easier to clean.

Living in a studio apartment creates challenges that can be overcome in this situation, you can declutter your apartment by getting a London Storage space to store away your extra belongings. You might find you prefer a small space that doesn’t allow you to accumulate too many unneeded items and is easier to clean.

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