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How to become a successful real estate agent

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How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent – From Zero to Hero

One of the basic needs of man is a place to stay. That’s why being an instrument as a real estate agent is not an easy job. They are the workhorse of the industry because at one time he’s a salesman, buyer’s advocate, an analyst, auctioneer, consultant, negotiator, and appraiser all in one.

Normally, a real estate agent does a little of everything but paid a modest commission if he closes the deal. Real estate agent usually works more than 40 hours a week because he should adjust to the availability of his clients and his schedule needs to be flexible to accommodate his clients during night time and weekends.

In order to be a successful real estate agent, you need to have a very big determination, confidence, patience, and hard work. Every real estate agent needs to know how to handle their commission well because the need for the house took how many years to be repeated so that makes the market quite limited. Hence, you need to build a strong relationship with your previous clients for referral and for their future requirement once again.

Get a Good Education and License

As what we have talking in the previous topic, a real estate agent does things beyond his offered service he is a very different person rolled in one that requires him to be knowledgeable and dependable. They are also required to take the exam and be a licensed real estate agent. Acquiring a real estate license makes anyone be a real estate agent it is a sales professional, associate broker or broker. State requirements vary but in all states, you must take a minimum number of classes and pass a test to earn your license. While a real estate broker is a person who has taken education beyond the agent level required by a certain state law and has passed the broker’s license exam. Brokers can work alone or hire agents to work for them.

Develop a Personality

DISC breaks down personalities into four basic traits: (D) dominance, (I) influence, (S) steadiness and (C) conscientiousness everyone should know their strongest or weakest traits. DISC was specifically created to help business professionals better understand their employee but it was found to have practical application in real estate. A good agent needs to be a good speaker and listener at the same time. He should also possess a lot of patience in dealing with his client and needs to be cheerful and approachable to promote good relations.

Research Your Market

In choosing your market, you need to make research about it. Does it have appeal to your future clients, what type of houses do they want and will these properties be sold? Always see to it that the properties that you are going to sell is worth buying for in that way your clients will be satisfied with the purchase.


Save Money

Real estate agents should learn to save money or be money-wise. Homes as what we all know, unlike any item is hard to sell and the need for one unlike any other commodity is far from between. The challenge in selling one is also greater compared to other products that are why there is a need to learn to save for the next transaction is still uncertain. There is also a need for them to be a property manager or estate manager to be in charge of the property if the owner is unable to personally attend to such details or not interested in doing so.

Find a Mentor

As a new real estate agent, you need to have a mentor who can train you how to be a good real estate agent and learn your skill from their experiences. It is better to have a co-agent and sell a property with 50% than to work alone without a sale and lose your opportunity in earning a commission. You can also gain confidence finding a good mentor for you will be sure that your mentor’s experience will actually be absorbed by you.

Select a Broker Eruditely

It is an important factor to start your career as a real estate agent to choose the right group or broker to join. It is not always joining broker you don’t know and have no knowledge about their achievements. Make sure that the company you are joining is profitable and has a good reputation to their clients and employees.

Maximize Your Technology

Technology nowadays is of great importance for it can be another way of advertising your properties and communicating with your client and prospective client. You can actually post the properties you are selling together with the pictures of the amenities, different house models, and features, some agents even pay web developers to design a website that have a high ranking in search result. It is also of great importance sustaining an online marketing strategy than buying search engine advertisements. Although it is good to talk personally with your client you can also make follow-ups using the real estate technology. You can also send additional photos or documents about the sale which can save you time, effort and money.

Create Your Client Portfolio

In every business, you need to observe your performance you should know if you actually do something important to your client and if you actually cater for your clients need so there is a need for you to keep a journal of your transaction. Always keep notes of it and determine what is the weak part and strong part of your technique and what to keep or avoid in order to increase their sales.

Host Open Houses

Open house which is also known as open day and at-home day is an event organized by some institution where they make the property open to the general public and allow people to enter, observe and explore the area. This is actually held to attract prospective buyers to visit the place and see the amenities of the area, inspect the interior and exterior features of the house and accommodate inquiries of the buyers. Open house is a good marketing strategy to promote properties.

Assisting buyers with their housing requirements and closing the deals are indeed rewarding. As a real estate agent, you must learn that things are learned by doing. Inspire Property Management hopes that the tips we shared in this article help you achieve your objectives.