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How Often Do I Really Need To Clean Everything?

House Cleaning

How often do we look at areas in our house, garage, rooms, closets, and office and realize how messy it looks and the time we waste by having to sift through everything to find something that we want or need if we can even find it.

Make a list of clutter areas

Try to narrow your list into small areas so that it does not seem overwhelming to you. Instead of the bedroom, let’s say the closet and the dresser drawers.

Schedule clutter cleans up times

Do not try to tackle the garage as one project. It is discouraging just thinking about it. Pick out a certain area and allow yourself 45 minutes to work on it. That way you’re not frustrated when you have done, but you have actually accomplished your task of cleaning the left corner of the garage. Do the same for other areas, and you will get things done, without being overwhelmed?

Mop And Bucket

Use the 3 boxes or bag system

Use one of them for all the items that you really want and use, so it is for your keeper stuff. The other 2 are used for trash and for donating to those who might need it. Why throw away something that someone less fortunate could possibly use. You will feel better when you do it.

Empty the cluttered area when you’re starting and decide if you have used this in the last 3-6 months, will you need it in 3-6 months, or does it hold some special value to you such a family keepsake? If you’re going to keep it then decide if this is the proper place for it to be stored.

After you’re done you will want to keep it as neat as possible, right? Take a quick photo of the area and put it somewhere in that area so you can see it often. This will motivate you to put things back where it belongs, therefore avoiding the clutter in the future. Check our cleaning service prices if you think that you need help from professionals.

Remember that box you filled up for donation?

Do not leave it sitting around to look through later or clutter up another area. Throw it in your vehicle and next time you leave your house drop it off at your favorite donation center. Then you will be finished with that task completely.

Draw your cleanup time schedule

Schedule a weekly, monthly or quarterly review of your space. Over time, your space will improve enough that these reviews will take less and less time.

Keep an inventory

This is especially helpful for storage spaces. You want to know what is in there. You’ll be amazed how often you discover old keepsakes or useful items that you will want to take home. But you’ll also find lots of stuff that you have no reason to keep.

Maximize space usage

If you have a storage space that is half-empty, then either downsize it or think about what else can go in there. If you have a room with a high ceiling or bare walls, then think about adding shelves.

Think about your comfort

You don’t have to be miserable to be organized. If you get your space in order, then you might also find space and time to enjoy your space more. Maybe get an office chair with a back massager or place a small radio on top of your new bookshelf so you can listen to games while working late.

Make Room for Your Purpose

All these tips and ideas are designed to let you work and live more efficiently. For me, the idea is clear the clutter from your space, so you can also clear it from your mind. You will be amazed at how much time and energy you conserve by not spending twenty minutes looking for a file or having to repeatedly load and unload a locker. Take that time and put it towards something that matters to you.