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Home Maintenance Tips to Follow Today

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While you’re no doubt flat out at home taking care of the kids, running the household and working on other projects as well, it’s important to think about your home on a bigger-picture level throughout the year. That is, on top of thinking about styling, decorating and even potentially renovating your property, remember that it needs maintenance over a 12-month period too.

By maintaining your home, you will keep it in good condition and save more money now and into the future by stopping little problems from turning into huge, expensive ones. Read on for some simple yet effective maintenance tips you can follow today.

Create a Schedule for Yourself

For starters, before you jump into any tasks, it helps to create a maintenance schedule for yourself to follow over the year. Time goes so quickly that it’s easy to forget about the jobs you need to do; you may end up noticing a year or two later that you’ve missed out on doing things. By putting together a plan, you will stay on track.

Your schedule should note all the maintenance jobs needing to be done over a 12-month period. Some will only need to be done annually, while others will be quarterly or scheduled for a couple of times per year. As you’re creating your plan, it’s also wise to look into home warranty coverage and other types of insurance to give you peace of mind, so if costly repairs are required at any stage, you won’t be paying for them out of pocket.

Maintain Heating and Cooling Systems

As for specific jobs, one of the most important ones is maintaining your heating and cooling systems. Like other appliances, these units get wear and tear and need repairs and upgrades, so it’s a good idea to attend to them during the year. This way, you’ll not only ensure they work optimally but also keep them in good condition and save having to replace them so soon.

Unless you’re experienced in this area, it’s wise to hire a licensed electrician to come in and look at your HVAC systems. Do this at least once per year, but if possible twice: once in fall, before the winter months hit and again in spring before the hot weather.

The filters, in particular, are the main things to be cleaned and/or replaced. In addition, have your service provider inspect the HVAC’s ventilation and condensation hose. If these get into disrepair, they can break and leak, which is never a good thing.

Get the Roof in Order

The next key maintenance job will take you outside. While you can’t see much of your roof from the ground, and probably don’t think about it all that often, this is a part of your property that needs to be watched diligently.

Get in a roofer or other specialist annually to inspect the roof to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. Harsh weather can cause tiles and shingles to break; plus tree vines and other plant material can grow under tiles, lifting them up and cracking them over time. A roofer can also give your roof a clean to help it stay in better condition.

Roof GutterClean Out Gutters

The gutters must be given some TLC during the year too, generally every quarter. You or your family members may be able to attend to them yourself, if you can reach them safely from a ladder, but otherwise hire a plumber or roofer.

Gutters can clog up rather quickly with dirt, twigs, leaves and the like, particularly if you have trees overhanging them. If the gutters are left as-is, over time icicles and ice dams may form. When these turn to water, it pools and can eventually lead to rust and holes. If you aren’t a fan of doing this job (and who is?!), consider having some micromesh guards installed on your gutters. These help to stop a lot of the rubbish from getting in.

Arrange for Pest Inspections

Lastly, to maintain your property well you also need to be sure pests aren’t destroying it from the inside or underground without you realizing. Termites, in particular, can be a huge problem and cause all sorts of structural and other damage.

Pay for a professional pest inspector to conduct checks on your home annually. If there are any issues, such as termite infestations, they can take steps to remove them. They can also put barriers in place to stop future potential pest attacks.