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Hiring a commercial electrical contractor

Hiring a commercial electrical contractor

Lighting is an important part of any business. It attracts customers and makes space look lively. Without electricity, the world will be a boring place and if there are no proper light fixtures for a business, chances are that it may not pick up the great pace or be known amongst customers. Wherever there is a good lighting it increases focus. For example, good lighting at a workplace makes work easier for the employees. People who use computers should be provided good lighting without glare or shadows because it reduces stress on the eyes and prevents headaches.

Lighting compliments different needs. Below we have compiled a few example of how and where lighting is affected.

Different Types of Lightings have Different Needs:

Every business has different needs a fine dining restaurant has a relatively calm and classy look and feels than a café buzzing with music and it overcrowded on most days with people working on their laptops and groups hanging out for chit chat post work. Similarly, a gym mirrors and good white lights to keep the trainee motivated, how all businesses can grab clientele is based on how well they have planned their business, followed by how attractive the lighting is to them.

You may have come across people who complain about bad lighting that means lack of visibility. These days the new selfie trends lure people to look for places with good lighting so their pictures come out bright and shiny. LED lighting can help define points which need to be illuminated. On the other hand, the old incandescent lights only throw light in 360 degrees, covering an area instead of a spot.

Various types of lights are used in different places:

  1. Incandescent: yellow light, mostly used in homes
  2. Fluorescent: used in offices i.e white bright light
  3. Mercury: Factory lights
  4. Low-pressure sodium: Street lights
  5. High-Pressure sodium: Commercial and factory lighting
  6. Metal Halide: Factory lights
  7. LED lights: Low energy consumption and high power bulbs, being introduced all over to save the growing needs of energy today.


Hiring a commercial electrical contractor?

When a building is being newly built, an electrical contractor is hired so that the wiring can be mapped out before the construction is completed. They work within a set budget and make sure that the project is completed on time.

They not only provide opportunities for new infrastructure but also help in major upgrades and repairs. Working with architects and engineers, redesigning a building’s lighting infrastructure will be easier, then only a commercial lighting engineer can give you the accurate cost of redesigning.

The technology is changing rapidly and there are many new technologies in the market which are energy efficient. A commercial electrical contractor has the expertise to repair, fix and introduce new methods of lightings to suit your building needs. They have a plan as to how and when the work should be carried out without interfering the daily needs of your employees for lighting.

Cons of Hiring a Commercial electrical contractor


Expertise: Commercial electrical contractors are expert in their field. They have a portfolio of a client who they have worked with. They know the business needs and will sort out all the planning issues for your business needs.

Licensing and Certification: they are licensed under regulatory authorities, that means they are legal entities already working in the market. Many contractors also have different certifications which make them prominent among others. That means, they can do your work better than others.

Budgeting: they provide you a rough estimate on your lighting needs. That way you will know how much cost will be incurred throughout the renovation/building of the project.

Hassle free: an experienced electrical contractor will save you the trouble of overseeing everything personally. When you sign a contract, many contractors have a set duration for repairs and fixtures. Let’s say even 6 months after you have completed your project and you change your mind about something or anything is broken, it can be fixed or replaced.


The cost of Services: Some good electrical engineers are very costly to hire since they have a good portfolio, not all contractors will suit your pocket.

Fraudulent contractors Beware of contractors trying to hijack your project, do background checks as some may have a bad record of not meeting deadlines or running away with your money. To find a well-trusted contractor, always check certifications and see whether their license is up to date or not.

Hiring an electrical contractor is a tricky task but it makes life a lot easier when you actually find the right one. A well-experienced contractor will deliver work on the deadlines and keep interference in your daily work from minimal to none. Choosing wisely is a long-term benefit both to your business and your administration.